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Is the baby asleep yet?

A wristband with a shiny surface to see when your baby falls asleep
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This idea is a mirror surface that is pliable and soft, attached to armbands that a caregiver can put on their wrist when their baby is facing away from them in a carrier, stroller, on their lap, etc.

Instead of moving around to see if the baby is asleep yet and possibly jostling them so they wake up, you can just stick your arm out and look in the mirror if they are sleeping. If so, gently get up and put them in their crib!

kjjpdx, Jun 16 2005


       [+] Another use for this is for paranoid first time moms who always need to know if their baby's breathing. Just put it near the nose & see condensation.
sophocles, Jun 16 2005

       When our baby is allmost asleep and I check it, she reacts and sleep is put off. Also I sometimes check if she is asleep or dead. A horrible thing to think but she can sleep so intense that I sometimes need to check, put my finger in her hand and see if she reacts. Sometimes she wakes up from that. I could annotate untill dawn breaks but I'll leave it at that,+.
zeno, Jun 17 2005

       stroller cam?
po, Jun 17 2005

       If its any consolation [zeno], eventually you get to the point where you 're just so grateful for the quiet that while you _hope_ the baby is asleep, you can wait until morning to be sure.
ato_de, Jun 17 2005

zeno, Jun 17 2005

       'Once asleep they may be grilled in a well oiled pan and served with rosemary and fennel.' - jamie oliver
benfrost, Jun 18 2005

       I did, but I asked for it to be scrambled, this one is sunny-side up.
ato_de, Jun 18 2005


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