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Land/Cell conference link

Connect a cellphone call to a landline call
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I've just made an appointment to have someone call me on my landline, but after the call starts, it may be desireable to include another party on the call.

Since this isn't a regular need, rather than pay for a monthly service to allow this, or set up a conference call, I'll probably call the third party on my cellphone.

What I'd like is an easy means to connect the two calls so that all 3 of us could talk.

(I will probably kludge something together involving a couple of transformers and capacitors, an RJ-11 connector and that peculiar 4-contact 2.3mm phone plug used by cellphones.)

csea, Oct 08 2010


       Why not just do the conference call? This is very easy on a lot of existing landline and cellphone systems. Say you're on a call with your work partner, and want to get your boss on the line. Press the conference button (this places your partner on hold and opens a second line), dial your boss's number, then press the conference button again. This opens both lines and merges them into a conference call. If you've already got your boss on the cellphone, then all he has to do is accept the incoming conference call and release your cellphone call. Most modern cellphones have an identical conference feature available right on the incall menu, and most US carriers include conference calling as a standard feature in your rate plan, so it doesn't cost you any extra.   

       It really couldn't get easier than the 3 steps it already takes. Press conference, dial, press conference.
21 Quest, Oct 08 2010


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