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Library Bookstore Scam

Create a fake library for reselling books many times
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First create a fake library. Nobody has to know it is just a warehouse full of books.

Fill the warehouse with books, and make sure they all are marked as library property, with official-looking catalog-ID numbers.

Now create a bookstore in which all those titles are listed for sale, say by Amazon or Ebay or some other well-known site. Collect fees and shipping costs, naturally.

Concerned book-lovers won't be able to tell if the books were stolen, and the honest ones will contact your library, and offer to return the books they bought, possibly also paying shipping.

Resell the returned books, ad infinitum.

Vernon, Aug 19 2015

Emereo Publishing 'Emily Smith' Pseudonym Scam https://www.amazon....ead=Tx23GENTZ77TIQF
1600 books. She's very prolific it seems... [RayfordSteele, Aug 26 2015]


       The other day, as I write this, I received a book that I purchased via Amazon, and there is no indication that the book was ever formally released from the library system to which it belonged. I will attempt to return it, but, hey, IDEA!
Vernon, Aug 19 2015

       The beauty of this idea is that (i) it preys on the honest and socially responsible (like taxation), and (ii) it's just barely legal (also like taxation).
8th of 7, Aug 20 2015

       Don't forget to have them autographed by the author with a short note to from a famous person.   

       About 10% of withdrawn library books do not get stamped, Very annoying if you are selling used books.   

       As a real bookseller I used to get signed items... even some obviously legit with "autographed copy" sticker, but the fake signatures got so numerous Amazon won't let ordinary sellers advertise autographed copies anymore.   

       Many libraries have bookstores, (and coffee shops and dance classes).   

       Since libraries get books at a discount you might also wish to pretend to be an actual library. Say only open Saturdays.
popbottle, Aug 20 2015

       I've naught to say about the idea itself, but I do enjoy purchasing ex libris, and will whenever I get the opportunity, simply for the amount of provenance one gets.   

       Many of these are stamped ex libris, and others look as though they simply could have been stolen from a library.
normzone, Aug 20 2015

       I worked in a library once, for about a year. I was hoping to tell you something interesting or amusing about this experience, but nothing interesting or amusing happened.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 20 2015

       It did, but you were looking the wrong way at the time.
pertinax, Aug 24 2015

       A similar sort of scam is perpetuated by Emereo Publishing. They print off Wikipedia articles and sell them as books on Amazon to unsuspecting buyers. See link.
RayfordSteele, Aug 26 2015


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