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Lots-Of-Stuff Walkman

A Combination Walkman-Like Device
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One piece of hardware, not much bigger than a standard walkman, incorporating an MD Walkman, a mobile phone, a pager, a PDA, a FM radio, an MP3 player, and a GPS. Comes with microphone headset.

Updated/backed up to/from PC so if you lose it you don't lose everything.

Use internet downloads to upgrade firmware in the box to keep space needed by components to a minimum (eg making the mobile phone SIM card redundant).

The screen would be PDA-sized (similar to the Palm) and integrating some of the 'applications' would make life a lot easier - using the Palm-type text interface to compose text messages for the phone etc. etc.

The driving technology would be a silicon on insulator processor. It could contain a tiny HDD if the battery life was acceptable.

Order now for Christmas!

Scotty, Feb 28 2001

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       Very similar to a Handspring Visor, if you could plug in several modules at once (and except for the MD player, though that can't be too far off).
beauxeault, Feb 28 2001

       There are a number of companies aiming for this product niche already. The Qualcomm pdQ of a few years ago was a Palm integrated with a cell phone. Some cell phones these days can play MP3s and most are slowly gaining PDA-like functions.   

       The minidisc seems redundant (you have MP3s already) and unecessarily bulky (if a SIM is too big, a minidisc reader will definitely be too big). You can get GPS-like functionality by clever processing of the cell signals, especially in CDMA systems.   

       IMHO one big problem is the human-interface constraints. My cell phone is too small to put a usable PDA screen on it; even the number-pad is sometimes-inconveniently small.   

       (Whether the processor is silicon-on-insulator or some other technology is pretty much irrelevant.)
wiml, Mar 03 2001

       Yeah, what's up with the SOI? Is this thing supposed to be rad-hard as well?
egnor, Mar 04 2001

       egnor: SOI suggested for power efficiency.
Scotty, Mar 04 2001

phoenix, Dec 10 2001

       Should be rad-hard. Nuclear workforce needs these things too. Something to take their minds off of what they are working on.
bristolz, Dec 10 2001


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