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MP3 Dispenser

A Music Vending Machine
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It could maybe look like an old fashioned jukebox. Plug a memory stick or your MP3 player into the USB port, select the songs you want to purchase and insert your money. It could also actually be a jukebox if you'd like to listen to the songs you just bought.
jaksplat, Mar 25 2005

Pez MP3 Dispenser http://www.pezmp3.com/
Not this. [waugsqueke, Mar 25 2005]

mp3 vending machine http://www.wired.co...mustread.html?pg=12
[xclamp, Mar 26 2005]


       A nice idea, but I'd prefer the CD.
Detly, Mar 25 2005

       great idea, i get bored with the stuff i have on mine if i dont change it and sometimes when im out and about i wish i could. cool.
Mikeynyuk, Mar 25 2005

       i've never actually used one, but they exist. cool idea though. (link)
xclamp, Mar 26 2005


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