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meals on wheels

food that catches up to you on the run
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Vending machines are convenient but they aren't always necessarily close.. sometimes that break room or street corner is too far away.

Combine the hazard avoidance, and route planning of a sweeper bot, with the convenience of vending machine and the mobility of a segway to get meals on wheels.

This would be a standard vending machine, that would drive around an office and if you clapped your hands or yelled to it, it would stop, you could make your selection and go on your day satisfied. Likewise if there was a big street festival, all the vending machines in the area would get the memo and slowly migrate towards the festival. They would always come home to recharge their batteries and frankly they don't use much power besides moving.

probably best to place them in low crime areas where people wouldn't try to steal the whole machine, you would also probably install GPS and a cell so it could phone home when out of food or in trouble.

metarinka, Jan 15 2011


       I get hungry and don't want to deal with a machine.   

       For me, this would be like the coyote and road runner. Pass.
reensure, Jan 17 2011

       I'm confused is reensure is that a comment for or against this idea?
metarinka, Jan 19 2011

       It's a good idea but you don't go far enough, metarinka. I would amend the programming so that the vending machine recognises a passing human and follows them around until they buy something.
DrBob, Jan 19 2011

       Perhaps they could be made somewhat conical and striped orange-and-white, to be more noticeable?
-----, Jan 21 2011

       The humans?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 21 2011


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