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Marketing-upon arrest

Firms would pay law enforcement agencies for strategic product/service placement.
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"You have the right to an attorney, mention my badge number to Johnson & Smith and get 10% off their normal legal fees"

"You have the right to one phonecall, if you do not have a quarter, I recommend 1-700-collect with rates as low as..."

"You have the right to remain silent, everything you say can and will be used as evidence against you in a court of law, thanks to this new General Phonetics digital mini-recorder and .MP3 player, available in silver, black, or hot pink"

RogerRam, Sep 03 2003

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       how about going a step farther. not just advertising but selling as well. "you want your prision food? that will be $11.50 Blankets? 43.95 we also sell birthday cake with a file in it for only $99.99"
nilly, Dec 24 2003

       Yah, let us make cops' jobs even harder. That always fixes things. And telemarketing cops and door-to-door cops? Fun stuff there! Fish bones man!
Around TUIT, Aug 14 2004


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