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Memorial hues

Display ideas in one special category in a different colour.
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Firstly I must apologise for proposing more work for jutta.

Yesterday I found out why I thought something was missing from the hb.[1] Maybe subconciously I knew what that title meant, but I hadn't noticed conciously.

I propose that ideas in Halfbakery:Remembrance be shown in a different colour[2] in the main views. Nothing too garish, but enough to distinguish them from the others.

I further propose that the ideas therein be shown white text on black. It seems fitting to me.

[1] Noone accuses me of being quick on the uptake.
[2] Probably, a different colour background. Perhaps a grey or blue tint?

Loris, Sep 13 2006


       Or in a different font. Not comic sans.
Ian Tindale, Sep 15 2006


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