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Metal heat-dispersing clothes

Move that heat.
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Mammal bodies make heat. That is fine when it is cold but less fine when it is hot, and in some places it has been very hot of late. Humans have an advantage in that the hot skin generally does not have much overlying hair to insulate it. In many countries people deal with the heat by essentially going naked, or naked under a flowing robe which blocks direct heating of skin by sun.

In the West, the tolerance range for apparel among working people is narrow. Thus one can visit Rome or New York in August and see men in suits walking along, sweating mightily.

I propose that metal undergarments worn close to the body could collect heat and efficiently conduct it away to places with more access to breeze, such as cuffs and collars - or even elsewhere on the body. These garments would be invisibly worn below standard apparel. I am scratching my head about how exactly the metal apposing the body would be connected with minimum fuss - a ribbon of some sort? Involve dress hems and men's ties?

The FarmerJohn incarnation of this idea would be a metal lined sports bra fitted with lightweight wing-like radiators on the back. I can envision an FJ illustration of this if I squint. I think that once women are OK with the idea of running in just a sports bra the addition of wings might not be a hard sell. There is no reason that enlightened males could not have a very similar upper body garment. For the New Yorker in a suit I am less sure about radiator wings.

bungston, Aug 03 2011

Dress made from car radiators. http://head2heels-r...de-from-pretty.html
Second from bottom of the page. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 03 2011]


       Perhaps the issue is //In the West, the tolerance range ... is narrow//
pocmloc, Aug 03 2011

       "Why, you look positively radiant this evening my dear."   

       you'll need a flexible alloy with a high (what's the term?)
Voice, Aug 04 2011

       Having worn chainmaille in the sun, I suspect your plan will require additional tweaking. Good luck to you though.
ye_river_xiv, Aug 05 2011

       /chainmaille in the sun/ But were you naked underneath?   

       Wait: thats ok. I do not want to know.
bungston, Aug 05 2011

       sp. mail.   

       Hasn't everyone who owns a mail shirt tried... no you are right [bungs].
pocmloc, Aug 05 2011


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