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Most ___ on Halfbakery

more stats, yay
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as well as the top however many good ideas on Halfbakery, how about the Worst, most indifferent (most number of votes and the score still amounts to something +/- 1 of zero)

after my post on the BoxID where i have got into a little argument and probably made a few people hate me and want my blood, how about Most Hated User, Most Loved User, an option to give someone a Hate/Love vote should be next to the person's idea so even if the idea stinks, if you like the comedy aspect of it or something you can still acknowledge this
dekoi, Oct 22 2001


       What do I do if I'm bored by all this self-referential drivel and would like the people who need to talk about themselves to retreat to a quiet spot far, far away where I neither have to store nor maintain their outpourings?   

       This site is about original inventions. If you don't have any original inventions, go and do something else. It's okay. It'll still be here when you get back.
jutta, Oct 22 2001

       More stats, nay!
DrBob, Oct 22 2001

       You can do whatever stats you want all the information is there already no-one's stopping you by the way this isn't a chat room in case you thought it was.
lubbit, Oct 23 2001

       i think i have made a mistake, sorry everyone, i still believe what i said but next time, i'm not going to say it. i think i'll not post too much in the near future, UNLESS i can not get shouted at
dekoi, Oct 26 2001

       I don't get it: Whats so terrible about this idea? The fact that he supported it by talking about himself? If I'm the only one with a chinchilla problem, that shouldn't mean that I may not post my Chinchilla Trap idea... I can understand those who don't want to see more stats, but the rejection of this idea looks like groupthink. And a stat of who is liked is not available, nor an option to say, "he's funny, but this idea smells of well aged trout." And where are other stats available?
Voice, May 24 2007

       Allow me to explain what I understand of the thought processes of people who don't like the idea.   

       halfbakery: It's about people thinking of ideas and what people think of the ideas not what people think of what people think of the ideas that people think of. Or, in consideration of the above annotation, it's not about what people think of what people think of what people think of the ideas that people think of.
half, May 24 2007

       I'm thinking that, that makes sense I think.
skinflaps, May 24 2007

       I half-think therefore I half-bake.
xenzag, May 24 2007


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