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The Golden Croissant

For conduct above and beyond in the field of community spirit.
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I was going to dress this up as an idea - involving icons/medals next to members' usernames to indicate such things as length of service, being a moderator, providing specialist knowledge to an idea that lifts it to something exceptional, or taking the HBed concept into the real world in an exceptional way (a la N-Prize) - however, this would all be an elaborate smokescreen over the fact that I'm very grateful to a particular H'Baker (whom I won't name) for help over the last weekend.
Cheers mate.


Jinbish, Sep 21 2010


       o.k. lets eliminate ... "mate" indicates male!
po, Sep 21 2010

       “won’t name” implies someone well known;
pocmloc, Sep 21 2010

       "weekend" implies that he has a job. That must narrow the field.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 21 2010

       hah! not necessarily ...
po, Sep 21 2010

       "help" also weeds out a few.   

       The spectrum is further filtered by the fact that [Jin] has clearly survived the experience.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 21 2010

       if you believe that the author really is [Jinbish]   

       //"help"// yeah, that kinda rules out [8th]
po, Sep 21 2010

       [8th of 7] could've helped. After all, "many hands make light work".
kaz, Sep 22 2010

       Sure, maybe they helped by settling a bar bet about the number of ways there are to skin a cat.
mouseposture, Sep 22 2010

       <blush> *not* I hasten to add because I provided any assistance whatsoever, but rather because having briefly talked about it a week earlier, ended up totally forgetting about it come the event. Sorry JB :(
zen_tom, Sep 22 2010

       don't know .. first I thought HB was kind of stagnant by not adding all sorts of bells and whistles like this ... in the past I would have been all for it .. but now I understand better adding/changing anything will mean feature creep and will mess the whole thing up. Personally I could not resist, I'd be adding all sorts of crap to HB to make it better ... good thing I'm not running the show
ixnaum, Sep 23 2010

       Exactly, [ix]. That's why I didn't expand the idea. No point providing cover for a non-invention if the cover has a big target that says 'heretic - shoot me!'
Jinbish, Sep 23 2010

       oh, I didn't notice your smokescreen until now ... I just read the core idea ... now it makes sense
ixnaum, Sep 24 2010

       instead of 3 just get a golden pastry for your idea. That would be fun to see. But I think I have so many fish bones I should get the black mushroom.
travbm, Nov 03 2015


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