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Motorway Sign University

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Motorways are equipped with various configurable signs on overhead gantries. Some of these signs are single-colour and designed to display simple text messages ("Fog Ahead - Slow Down"; "Lane closed ahead"; "Whelk on Sliproad" etc). Others are a little more complex and can display black-red-and-white road signs such as temporary speed limits.

Most the time, these displays sit there blankly staring at oncoming traffic because there is no fog and no whelks. What a waste!

Instead, therefore, why not use idle signage to display basic but useful facts. For example "Human Genome: 3e9 bases", or "Prime numbers are indivisbible", or "Deimos, Phobos: moons of Mars". Facts can be updated every few hours.

MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 22 2018

Prior art? https://imgur.com/gallery/65bsF
[Wrongfellow, Oct 22 2018]


8th of 7, Oct 22 2018

       I like the idea of updating facts so often. I mean, in general, not specifically to do with this idea. It relates to a revelation I was revealed to the other day. Essentially, we’re all fairly scientific around here, and a lot of the people we associate with are similarly bent of. We’re fairly used to the enlightenment period being one of four hundred years of seeing more and more of the truth and less and less of belief or superstition.   

       I think what’s happening now over the past couple of years or so, is that people, especially stupid people, are increasingly content to acknowledge that science is a thing, and that it is correct and all that, but there’s no particular pressing demand to actually let it dominate any more. If you want to believe some specific frame of bullshit, and it keeps you happy, then that’s now more important than actual facts and indisputable reality. So what if it’s science, I prefer to believe something else entirely. A few decades ago, not as many people would be so scientifically aware, most would be, but not as many as today. A decade or so ago, nobody would dispute what they see as scientifically proven facts. Now, they’re pretty much optional, a mere style, an expression of individuality, and almost any other fictional version of reality weighs about the same and is exchangeable freely with scientific truth.
Ian Tindale, Oct 22 2018

RayfordSteele, Nov 05 2018


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