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Muzak on demand

choose your music in elavators, hallways, and bathrooms
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In elevators, and office bathrooms will be a panel with a choice of 5 labelled buttons with different types of muzak on them - the songs are regularly changed. You can press a button to improve your mood. The song will play until finished and a new song cannot be put in until it is over. Of course the choices of music would be relatively benign - in the muzak tradition so as not to offend.
reizen, Aug 07 2001

Piped Music Pooling http://www.halfbake...d_20Music_20Pooling
This idea jogged my memory and I hurriedly typed up "Piped Music Pooling" which I guess is a modification of "Muzak on demand". [sdm, Aug 07 2001]


       you could have avoided that by having left enough time to get to your meeting and by always carrying aspirin and a bottle of water.
In this way, you could annoy the punk rocker more by retaining your sunny disposition and smile while appearing to enjoy his choice of music.
lewisgirl, Aug 07 2001

       To be honest, I'd be intrigued to hear what Punk Muzak would sound like.
-alx, Aug 07 2001

       I've heard muzak based on punk(ish) music. It sounded more or less like any other muzak, but it was a little disorienting to realize what the original song was. (Unfortunately I've forgotten what song it was.)
wiml, Aug 09 2001

       Can I have '4:33' on there?
angel, Aug 09 2001


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