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personal haiku detector/repeater

Speech recognition device to bring out the poetry in our everday lives.
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This small pocket-sized device would be constantly listening in on the speech of its wearer or anyone else in proximity. When it recognizes three phrases have been spoken, with 5,7,5 syllables in them, it repeats them loudly in a deep, thunderous, and poetically intonated male voice. A silent mode lets you play back your poems at more appropriate times. A "gold" version of the device listens for the first two phrases and completes haikus with a well-thought out ending.
sh4linux, Aug 21 2001

A Dissenting Opinion... http://www.phenry.o...er/haiku/index.html
Haiku too easy / polluting the Internet / like rotting leaf mulch [mino, Aug 21 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Aren't real haiku supposed to have a seasonal reference, a shift of image, and some other stuff we occidental barbarians ignore when we translate into English?
Dog Ed, Aug 21 2001

       shift/clever use of: meaning think fight club for extremely bad example . have you ever gone around trying to think of haikus to say? to tune your mind to it? in a supermarket? well.......
technobadger, Aug 21 2001

       Paper or plactic?
Oh no, we can't take tips here
See you to your car?
The Military, Aug 21 2001

       More haiku ideas?
Should I croissant or fishbone?
- I must do some work...
hippo, Aug 22 2001

       I hate you, Haiku
You are way too hard to do.
I can't make one up.

       Eric J. Starr
Chatham, New Brunswick
mihali, Aug 23 2001

       waugs: i think you're right. i had heard that haiku before, so i figured i should post the author's name, since i found it on an internet search. i guess the posting predated the amalgamation.
mihali, Aug 23 2001


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