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Name@Password @ domain.com

Name@Password @ domain.com
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My suggestion is to create a password for email.


The Password Field would be like creating unlimted email address to a single email account. Everyone that you give your email address to, will have a unique password. If you get spam from a particular Password, then you can delete that password.

Just like your internet service provider, everyone knows the phone number to call them. The people who are allowed to use their systems, must be given a password.

The advantage of this idea, is that you do not need to use email filters. Filters have the potential in blocking good email. Password system guarantees that you will receive all of your email.

Regulus, Oct 04 2003

Spam Gourmet http://www.spamgourmet.com/
free disposable email addresses, strong spam blocking, very short learning curve [tpoo22, Oct 17 2004]

TMDA http://tmda.net/
Tagged Message Delivery Agent [quarl, Nov 09 2004]


       there's something about this that I really like, if people didn't give out the same password to more than one person (which would be an obvious temptation), then this could work, if people didn't mind the vast admin overhead.
A bold attempt (+)
neilp, Oct 04 2003

       Mailshell offers a similar service. You get a subdomain of your own and can have as many accounts on it as you want. All of these can either be checked on their site or forwarded to annother account EG: hotmail or your ISP account.   

       So I can give you my address as : mailfromsomeoneidontknow @ obee1au.mailshell.com and if you start spamming me I just delete that account and away I go.   

       And no, this is not an ad :P
obee1au, Oct 04 2003

       This is just email aliasing.   

       There are whole sentences here that are almost word for word from Hotpop's memo yesterday announcing they will offer this service.
waugsqueke, Oct 04 2003

       This is baked to a crisp - I use Spamgourmet (see link)
tpoo22, Oct 04 2003

       I think the charging bit's new, though, isn't it?
yamahito, Oct 04 2003

       Yeah, and if you want to hear from someone just once ( like a legit sales pitch or whatever) you can issue them a one-time password, like a ticket.
lawpoop, Oct 04 2003

       Some mailhosts will ignore everything after certain punctuation in the username. So mail addressed to fred+joe@wowzo.com will simply go to fred@wowzo.com, but with the To: field containing "fred+joe". A mailreader can then be programmed to filter based upon the To: header.
supercat, Oct 04 2003

       I have a email account with Hotmail for about 4 years. My email account average 30 spams per week. That is with using word filters and spam filter. The account was getting so much spam, the email account was unusable.   

       Now, I get about 5 spams per week. Either the spammer went out of business or something else is stopping the spammer. Maybe, the spammer lost my email account.
Regulus, Jan 28 2004

       Install some encryption software. Just give your friends your public key, and say you're filtering out any email that isn't encrypted, because the feds might intercept it and drop in on your lunch arrangements.   

       It helps if you wear a foil hat whilst saying this.
Detly, Jan 28 2004


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