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Pass Phrase

Require A Pass Phrase To Allow eMails In
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I suggest using a "pass phrase" for email. The sender would incorporate the "pass phrase" in either their header or message body of the email. The recipient will filter out, or move to special folders, those emails that do not have this "pass phrase".
BMCCUE, Sep 23 2005


       Isn't this what the "this is not spam" button does and in future directs that mail to your inbox?
skinflaps, Sep 23 2005

       You can certainly filter replies that contain your signature.
ldischler, Sep 23 2005

       [skinflaps] Normally they look for paterns (like the words P1lls, Meds) or if it's similar mail that others on the same server have received. The //This Is Not Spam// button teaches their over-zealous spamulator to turn it's paranoia knob down a bit.   

       [ldischler] That's neat. I hadn't thought of that.   

       [BMCCUE]What if someone's sending you an (unsolicited, but non-spam) e-mail for the first time?
Dub, Sep 25 2005

       When you provide your email address to someone, you also provide the pass key. Remember that it would be possible to have several pass keys and therefore permit you to issue pass keys for family & friends and then business needs,
BMCCUE, Sep 26 2005

       hmm. so let's say I give someone my pass phrase - some business or other for example. and they go and sell my e-mail address to some phisher - won't they also sell my pass phrase?   

       and I'm with [Dub] - what if someone's sending you unsolicated but not spam e-mail for the first time - say, a long lost love who's tracking you down?   

       until those are issues are resolved, it's (-) from me
seedyem, Dec 29 2005


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