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Non-violent anti-rape device

Fully customizable
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Since they really have made anti-rape devices which are basically a series of sharp spikes the woman wears inside her privates, it seems to me more likely that the attacker will end up suing the woman for injury.

Unlike your conventional anti-rape device, this one is worn inside the mouth. Activated by pressing a button with one's tongue, it plays a short recorded message through a speaker designed to project the sound as if it were created by the owner's voice box.

When confronted in a dark alleyway, our heroine can now turn around and say, in a very deep voice, "I'm a man." This should freak the attacker out enough to discourage him.

Failing that, it can also play "I am your father" or any other creative message you can think of, synthesised with the bundled software and downloadable via USB.

mitxela, Sep 26 2009


       sorry, I'm all for violence towards rapists.
po, Sep 26 2009

       I'm with [po]. Bust 'em up. Besides, being a man isn't necessarily a deterrent.
normzone, Sep 26 2009

       <imagines social scenarios where this might be pressed accidentally>
pocmloc, Sep 26 2009

       (-) With po on this one. I also find this immoral on a weird level - as if by changing gender as a trick to defend oneself, one would somehow confirm that yes, girls are ready-made victims, and if one doesn't want to be a victim, one shouldn't be a girl.   

       "Please hold ... Your crime is very important to us. ... The average wait time for a victim is ... five ... minutes." [garbled sounds of Gershwin played from a very old tape recorder]
jutta, Sep 26 2009


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