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Ocean diaper

No mess!
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Prudish Americans feel their children should not be naked at the beach. Thus the young incontinents are clothed in swimsuits with "swimming diapers". This is a travesty, and a completely avoidable mess.

BUNGCO is proud to introduce the Ocean Diaper. The nether parts of this kiddy swimsuit are made with overlying flaps to provide some decency while on land. However any poop or pee will come out through the flaps into the all-embracing ocean. The result: a respite from diaper changes at the beach, grateful caretakers, and more trips to the beach for beach-loving kids.

BUNGCO does not recommend the Ocean Diaper for use in swimming pools.

bungston, Jun 24 2004

(???) Sprogopolis. http://www.geocitie...h/1285/sprogop.html
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]


       Okay, peeing in the ocean I can handle. However, my beach experience would be ruined if I saw a brown blob float past me while I was relaxing.
evilmathgenius, Jun 24 2004

       emg: Tough sh*t - what do you think the fishes are doing?
bung: Sorry, but you get a fishbone purely as a vote against prudishness. (Our son swam free, shall we say, when he was that age.)
DrCurry, Jun 24 2004

       [evil...] If its brown and floats its a piece of wood, or do you want to grab it too, to see if its squishy?   

       //Prudish Americans feel ...// they just don't want to attract any child molesters. If Americans were prudish they wouldn't have made breast implants so popular.   

       I think the Chinese already invented this, even for land use.
kbecker, Jun 24 2004

       You could also make a version for incontinent old folks. Nobody wants to see them naked, either.
kevindimie, Jun 24 2004

       You'd think with a name like BUNGCO, they would make diapers that didn't let anything out.
sartep, Jun 25 2004

       [DrC]-It's just something about knowing it came from your own species...   

       [Bungston]- What's so bad about swimming in the nude anyways? I just think its part of the American idea that nudity is always a sexual thing. Ah well.
evilmathgenius, Jun 25 2004

       Problem could be better solved by not allowing sprogs at the beach. Fish for you.
TheJeff, Jun 25 2004

       I've never heard the word "sprog" before, so I Googled it.
Talk about your halfbaked ideas...[link]

       Put the candy bar "baby ruth" in the pool or beach your swimming at. That will clear out the crowds. A nice long bumpy brown log floating by is always nice to see.
macncheesy, Jun 25 2004

       //Put the candy bar "baby ruth" in the pool or beach your swimming at.//   

       Forget that....just unload last night's burrito. No questions. And quickly swim away from the problem area.
Pocketassreturn, Jun 26 2004

       Does a skirt not bake this idea?
Apart from the flaps, which are just going to end up bung anyway.
benjamin, Jun 26 2004

       Just reserve a beach for the incontinent downtide from the main beach. Uptide from the nearest sovereighn state ;)
not-arf, Jun 26 2004

       not-arf, just what do you think a sovereign state is?
Size_Mick, Jun 26 2004

       I know of several lakes that have had to ban all swimming because of diseases in the water caused by kids cr*pping in it. If your kid can't hold it, then you kid shouldn't be in the water.
5th Earth, Jun 27 2004

       You live in Bangladesh, [5th]?
bungston, Jun 27 2004


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