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Pop-up Time Capsule

Like a pop-up store, with more time capsule
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You're walking down the street minding your own business on a lovely spring day. A van's tires screech and you're sounded by the local Pop-up Time Capsule (PTC) team. They kindly request that you immediately place all your clothing and effects onto a photo-realistic mannequin of yourself that they pull from the back of the van. A moment later, the van speeds off with your inanimate doppelganger, bound for you city's vault. Your mild embarrassment succumbs to swelling pride in your personal contribution to the future.

PTC teams also engage in larger projects involving entire restaurants (loaded onto flatbed trucks), subway cars (shunted down secret rail lines), and other cultural objects deemed to be of sufficient interest to scientists millennia from now.

the porpoise, Mar 31 2014


       So, like guerrilla time capsules - which are different from flash time capsules. Which also differ from robbing people by scamming them out of their clothes and belongings ;-)
normzone, Mar 31 2014


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