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Omelette Bomb

"I have become chef, destroyer of third worlds..."
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Works very much in the same principle as my pudding bomb.

A bomb containing low grade eplosives and powdered egg yolk is airlifted into a large cloudbank and detonated. The heat from the explosion will warm and mix the powder with the surrounding moisture. Subsequently, a secondary series of bombs or missiles is fired into the egg cloud upon its formation at strategic points, evenly omelettizing the entire egg cloud.

The tera-omelette (an omelette by 10 to the 12th power, far superior to the mega-omelette of 1947, and even the modern day giga-omelettes)lands, cooled by its descent into a famine area.

The one side effect is that I have destroyed a rain cloud they may need for crops, so we'll have to be careful when we decide to egg bomb poor nations.

Alternately, this could be used to enter the record books for the worlds biggest omelette.

notmarkflynn, May 23 2006

(?) The problem of egg yolks. yolkless_20eggs
[notmarkflynn, May 23 2006]

Where the supply comes from. http://www.cee-food...skaya-growth-pegged
Why, Russia, of course! [notmarkflynn, May 23 2006]


       I like the omelette bomb - but would prefer if it didn't destroy the third world - I'd settle for Texas as a more suitable target. Combined with one of the global warming induced monster hurricanes that's already on its way, it should do the trick nicely. The survivors can fry up the egg coated debris as they sit in the trees watching the world go by piece by piece in the flood waters. Have the biggest bun of the day +
xenzag, May 23 2006

       //cooled by its descent into a famine area.// ...and watch as within days the major cause of death shifts from malnourishment to cholesterol induced heart-attack (thanks be to Douglas for that one)
zen_tom, May 23 2006

       All over your face [nmf]. Egg. All over your face.
methinksnot, May 23 2006

       //I'd settle for Texas as a more suitable target//   

       Are you trying to bomb me?
DesertFox, May 23 2006

       //Egg. All over your face.//
And all over everything else, it would seem.
You could send in the Custardships for airborne dessert.
neutrinos_shadow, May 23 2006

       <obligatory douglas adams comment> and they all die of colesterol poisening <odac>
zeno, May 24 2006


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