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Peristaltic Sous Vide SE

squish your eggs
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Perfect scrambled eggs (even farm eggs) require constant stirring, low heat, and a good eye.

What if you could have them every morning for the cost of a little prep?

Sous vide* scrambled eggs. In a bag that is rolled back- and-forth between two rollers that are spaced far enough apart to keep the bag from popping. Set it for a particular time and see if you like the consistency. Monkey with the temperature and time. Squeeze onto biscuits** or toast.

You could prepare three or four of these at the beginning of the week, have the sous vide machine set to fire up at a specific time, and feed the bag in when you set the water to boil for coffee.

The rollers would be powered by an intricate stirling system taking advantage of ambient air and the temperature of the water, or maybe a little electric motor.

* Cooking in vacuum-sealed bags at low temperature.

** Biscuits are scones without sugar or lemon zest. You might also use biscuits.

nomocrow, Feb 13 2011


       Thanks, [bigsleep].
nomocrow, Feb 13 2011


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