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One More Tally Please

Is what you say when Death asks you where you want it.
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For my birthday I want a stack of paper with approximately 365x80+20 sheets. This stack is to lathed or otherwise impressed with a standing likeness of myself. The sheets are to be bound together on a single side by a thin layer of adhesive. On the surface of each sheet one day of the calendar for the last 26 years should be marked, and also those for the next 54.

Upon receipt of this gift I will immediately dispose of the former days, and place the latter-most in a visually prominent location in my environs. This will serve nicely as a constant reminder of my mortality, in addition to all the other not so nice constant reminders. I would also like to have one constructed for my father of the same proportions, but unfortunately of a greater thickness such as corrugated cardboard, and only a generous estimate of the remaining days.

rcarty, Apr 07 2011

Your chances of dying during a given year doubles every 8 years. http://gravityandle...an-mortality-rates/
vaguely relevant [xaviergisz, Apr 07 2011]


       Since your life expectancy increases by 5 hours per day your calendar will be out of date after 4 or 5 days. Digital may be your only hope.
The_Saint, Apr 07 2011

       Please explain how my life expectancy increases by five hours each day. Increasing national average? I'm one of the people that keeps it from being 10hrs a day.
rcarty, Apr 07 2011

       Correct and although it is a figure for life expectancy at birth, life expectancy at age 65 has shown a similar improvement.
The_Saint, Apr 07 2011

       There is another problem to consider. Statistically there is only a 94% certainty that you will die whereas your system assumes 100%.
The_Saint, Apr 07 2011

       While life expectancy is currently increasing at a nice clip there are some invisible barriers. Certain diseases increase in likelihood beyond a certain age. As lesser diseases are staved off and conquered the more difficult ones will show up with increasing regularity.

Far more effort is needed: Basic biology research, understanding of lipids, proteins, inter cellular junk. We need to reverse engineer the human body and develop replacement parts.
Voice, Apr 07 2011

       I would suggest a study of the age of cars of various values that are still on the road. It should indicate the amount of money people are willing to spend to maintain a property of X value.

If one's own life is given a value of some percentage of all one owns and can do(no 100% isn't the right number, it will vary by the person) and chaos theory and some polls can tell us what a typical human life is worth to that person, we can predict what people will be willing to spend to stave off death.

That number should be useful in predicting how well new medical technologies will be brought to bear against the Grim Reaper.
Voice, Apr 07 2011

       That's in the archaic context of private health care.
rcarty, Apr 07 2011


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