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Orbital washing line

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Well, it's always sunny up there, zero likelihood of rain and the vacuum will dry the clothes post haste.

Don't forget to put name tags on the items.

not_morrison_rm, Nov 15 2016


       // the vacuum will dry the clothes post haste //   

       That it will. Always wondered how they do laundry in orbit. If there were a fine metal/plastic/synthetic weave fabric that wouldn't pick up stains or body odor they could eliminate washing. The clothes, at any rate.   

whatrock, Nov 15 2016

       Catchy ... almost.   

       Washing has one objective and that is to remove bacteria and detritus from clothing. The whole drying thing it a separate deal. Given the washing process is over, what you propose is to put out into space soggy bits of cloth, but in a space-station you might as well wring those clean items out into your next glass of orange juice concentrate.   

       You might want to consider doing this indoors to preserve the costly payload of H2O.   

       Navigation thrusters however could possibly make use of dessicated turds propelled by CO2, but even those could help grow a small chilli plant.
bigsleep, Nov 16 2016

       O.W.L. in space?
AusCan531, Nov 16 2016

       ^ You can if you like.   

       Hmm, thinking about it, it'd be better to do the wash itself, with asteroidal water. But, once I get this em-drive up and running, it could all be done with terrestrial water.   

       Installing the "Management not responsible for micro-meteorite damage to clothes" as we speak.
not_morrison_rm, Nov 16 2016

       //micro-meteorite damage to clothes// Stone-washed jeans, millionaire's version. hmm... that's actually a viable business plan. Jeans, laptop cases, small metal sculptures...
FlyingToaster, Nov 16 2016

       ... sieves, colanders, insect screens ...
8th of 7, Nov 16 2016

       // viable business plan // if some of the payload is being paid for in the form of clothing intended for micro- meteorite damage, could we save some weight by leaving behind the traditional shielding? Sure, cloth isn't as effective, but if you're bringing 100 pounds of clothes, maybe you could leave behind 10 pounds of traditional shielding.
scad mientist, Nov 16 2016


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