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Quantum Immortality Solution to the Fermi Paradox

Intelligent Aliens Realize They're Immortal, Then Die
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First, an explanation of Quantum Immortality and the Fermi Paradox:

Quantum Immortality is...well, if the many-worlds interpretation of quantum physics is correct, and you can only observe things when you're alive, you'll never observe your own death. You'll only observe yourself being incredibly lucky, because you don't observe all of the other (more likely) cases where you died. Look at yourself-- you're alive, against all odds, and have survived many near-misses that could have killed you. Good job! This is because if you did die, you wouldn't be here to see the result, therefore you cannot die. This means you're free to do really risky stuff, because fate/luck will always, always seem to save you.

The Fermi Paradox is that there are uncountable billions of planets capable of supporting life, but no intelligent aliens as far as we can tell.

My Idea: use Quantum Immortality to solve the Fermi Paradox. Every intelligent alien race discovered the Quantum Immortality interpretation of quantum mechanics at around the same time they discovered space travel. Then, they proceeded to kill themselves off by doing fun but dangerous things, because quantum immortality only works for the observer.

Additionally, the most-probable existences to experience are ones where you live forever naturally, without massive and ongoing sequences of improbable events.

In short, you are the least-unlikely immortal consciousness, and when you inevitably make it to the stars you will find dead alien planets full of alien extreme sports equipment and long-dead risk-loving aliens who are all still alive in a parallel universe.

[it's not a let's-all because it's true. you cannot escape. don't panic...that would be an unpleasant way to spend eternity.]

sninctown, Dec 12 2011


       I think, therefore you are dead.
Alterother, Dec 12 2011

       not in the branch of all possible realities that I'll experience.
sninctown, Dec 12 2011

       [sninctown] Read "Permutation City"; it explores a closely related concept in great depth (and is a good read).   

       OK, not that close, but your idea reminded me of one of my favourite books.
spidermother, Dec 12 2011

       And also, "How we pass the time in Hell." (In gyrum imus nocte, et consumimur igni.)
mouseposture, Dec 13 2011

       I've had this notion before (without the sports equipment part), and thinking about it again after reading your excellent writeup, I finally realize why I'm lucky to be alive yet not lucky enough to win the lottery.
ldischler, Dec 13 2011

       Lemony Snicket would take great interest in my life.
RayfordSteele, Dec 13 2011


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