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Overdub Channel

Blah blah blah, who cares what they say on TV anyhow
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I'd like to see a whole cable TV channel dedicated to doing voice-overs of popular TV programs (commercial breaks too). I can't ever find anything on TV worth watching, so when I have friends over we often turn the volume off and make up random stuff... Its usually hilarious.

Wouldn't take much... Professionals could do all the voiceovers, and the video media already exists. There are plenty of comedians in need of a paycheck, it wouldnt take more than 15-20 to keep the programming up.

TauCeti, Aug 10 2003

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       This has been partially baked on 'Who's Line is it Anyway?' a UK improvisation programme (I think it has a US/Canada counterpart.
The occasional round asks a number of the guests to overdub a section of film.
The overall winner gets to read out the Programme credits in a style chosen by the Host.
gnomethang, Aug 10 2003

       Or as a whole program with Mystery Science Theatre 3000, or Most Extreme Elimination Challenge.
Cedar Park, Aug 10 2003

       You could use SAP: "Silly Audio Program"
krelnik, Aug 10 2003

       Might work better as a radio station, to be used for live tv.
n-pearson, Aug 10 2003

       Well, yeah I've seen it done on a few shows, but nothing quite like Im talking about. Only a small portion of "Whose line" is occasionally dedicated to it. Extreme Elimination can't count as its more of a sports show and what they do is more like a sports commentary and its original form is not in english so it has to be dubbed for english audiences anyway. MST3K is a totally different thing as they don't voice over anything, they just make fun of old B movies while they run. I want to see a full out 24/7 broadcast with video programming like a real serious channel, just voiced over with hilarious garbage, even the commercials. I like the radio idea though, n-pearson.
TauCeti, Aug 11 2003

       There was an old show in the US in the 1980s called "Mad Movies" that worked this way, they would completely overdub the dialog in old movies on which the copyright had lapsed.   

       That would be your main problem with launching a channel like this: securing the rights to broadcast modified versions of copyrighted works. This is a problem that plagued MST-3K through the years. This is why some episodes of it only ran two or three times, and a very random list of episodes has appeared on tape or DVD.
krelnik, Aug 11 2003

       I think you're doing "Extreme Elimination" injustice if you describe it as a "sports commentary". It's a bunch of seasoned comedy writers trying to come up with as many double entendres and silly jokes as possible, without any connection to the reality of the original show, just to match the visuals. That's pretty much what you were asking for.
jutta, Jun 16 2004


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