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P.M. S.Q. Prime minister super quest.

A new Saturday Tea time quiz show, the winner would be given the role of Prime Minister/President for a month
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The show would involve contestants from all over the country of any age (over 18 years old) to take part in a few entertaining quiz like challenges and maybe finish with a 10 min stand up comedy (Eddie Izzard style). The quizes would involve putting together a real robot from lots of parts with difficult pictures to work from in one hour - to test practical skills (this would be edited and cut for the show) Answering 20 questions without saying the words "Yes" or "No" or "Don't know" - to test avoiding giving proper answers.

Maybe a quick game of Battle Ships or chess.

Making a birthday card out of some card and sticky shapes, glue and some feathers in 4 mins.

A mini assault course and finish with the stand up comedy.

Views would vote by telephone and after 10 weeks the contestants would be down to just one person 'the winner' who would get to be Prime Minister or President for one month. If he or she did a good job they keep the job.

gizmo, May 15 2002

HB: Intellectual Meritocracy http://www.halfbake...ctual_20Meritocracy
Includes discussion of why intelligence isn't the most important thing for a prime minister. [pottedstu, May 16 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       gives a whole new meaning to "prime minister's question time.."
yamahito, May 15 2002

       I take it you don't assign much value to the roles of PM or President, [gizmo]?  I guess that disappoints me somewhat.
bristolz, May 15 2002

       Bris: If you missed 'Newsnight' last night, it's on again tonight (BBC2 10.30)   

       I'm sure gizmo values their roles, maybe he will be P.M. one day?
arora, May 15 2002

       no arora, he has too much sense for that.
po, May 15 2002

       You're right. I have no clue.
bristolz, May 15 2002

       I wish I had as many rolls as Gizmo to value.... ;op
yamahito, May 15 2002

       On a more serious note, I think that some sort of objective test for poterntial PMs (and other MPs) would be a great idea. It'd give us a better measure of their ability than their spin doctors. It's give you USAians a good laugh when good ol' George W did it!
dare99, May 16 2002

       Do you not have to be 21 to stand for Parliament?
[ sctld ], May 16 2002

       oh please spare us from the notion of sctld standing as an M.P. ; quick give us some get out clauses. e.g. proof that you wear your shirt tucked into your underpants.
po, May 16 2002

       Or a simple spelling test ;op
yamahito, May 16 2002

       There's some kind of urban legend about a divinity college which had a final exam in which candidates were sent at the last minute to take the test in a different venue, and on their way to this venue they passed a beggar in distress. The real test was whether they'd stop to help this person, or rush off to take the exam. We need that kind of thing for Prime Ministers.
pottedstu, May 16 2002

       sctld could probably stand for M.S.P. which would have no effect on you, po. But I don't see why his standing for MP is a notion from which we might need to be spared?
sappho, May 16 2002

       well OK then, we *could* debate the possibility.
po, May 16 2002


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