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Pet celebrity

Who owns that then?
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They say people look like their pets or vice-versa..well bring on the pets and guess which celebrity owns it.
skinflaps, Sep 09 2002

Baked: TV show Celebrity pets http://www.talktv.ca/inc/Tpro-pets.asp
one reason I don't own a TV. (first hit on google, BTW) [pfperry, Sep 09 2002]


       Perhaps it would be possible for you to write a little more, to make the meaning of your idea a little more clear: if someone had missed that this was in the game show category, they might be pretty confused by now..   

       As for the idea itself, I like it - any ideas on a host? Or formats of the different rounds/types of questions? Perhaps it could be mixed with some general pet knowledge, with contestants competing for a lifetime's supply of pet food and vet bills..
yamahito, Sep 09 2002

       I'm sure this is baked. I'm sure I've seen this on TV somewhere somewhen. I just can't be bothered to try to remember too much.
PeterSilly, Sep 09 2002

thumbwax, Sep 09 2002

       This is often in Sunday magazine that comes with the News of the World in the UK. It's rubbish, and I'd bet it would make for extremely poor TV, too.
sild, Sep 09 2002


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