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Pop Culture Synopsis

Help for the discerning
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The only bad thing about studiously avoiding such things as 'reality TV' and 'American/British/Australian/Lithuanian Idol', anything to do with singing pimps, anything made for under tens and anything where the term "Paris" does not refer to the city itself is that sooner or later a lot of things from such trash end up in the popular lexicon - many references from these shows may become full of meaning and nuance in mainstream culture.

So, I propose a half hour (that should cover it) monthly show where we old fuddy duddies can have the chance to catch up on new words (what the hell is this 'jiggy' business all about?) and be briefed on any particular phrases / characters / plots from pop culture that seem to be oozing into the main stream.

ConsulFlaminicus, Sep 06 2005

VH1: Best Week Ever blog. http://bestweekever.blogs.com/
Paris who? [jutta, Sep 07 2005]

Stop here each day for the newest jargon http://www.urbandictionary.com/daily.php
[phundug, Jun 24 2007]


       Shut yo jibba jabba foo.
miasere, Sep 06 2005

       Ask me if I'm bovvered.
coprocephalous, Sep 06 2005

       [copro] sp: aks
dentworth, Sep 06 2005

       [dentworth] I ain't bovvered.
coprocephalous, Sep 06 2005

       This sounds like "Best Week Ever" on VH1 in the states...except it's weekly instead of monthly.
goober, Sep 06 2005

       Likewise, I think VH1 and MTV already have this one covered.
DrCurry, Sep 06 2005

       Yeah, like, whatever.
wagster, Sep 06 2005

       oooh, just saw a advertisement for a new show on Comedy Central hosted by David Spade about "showbiz" that should cover this idea nicely.
goober, Sep 06 2005

       Now hold on one minizzle! what's this funk about singing pimps?
hidden truths, Sep 07 2005

       I've long had a similar project on my mind, but as a series of CD-ROMs that concisely and without irony or excitement narrate the salient media events of any particular subculture - something you'd give to a spy who wants to make small talk at a DNA Lounge party and needs to react appropriately to allusions to "Goatse" and "Homestar Runner" quotes.
jutta, Sep 07 2005

       The danger of this idea is of course that if the subcultures become understood by the dominant culture, then the subcultures may wither and die. I happen to be a very strong believer that no society is healthy without the presence of myriad subcultures - the adage 'diversity is strength' is as true for human societies as it is for any other animal or plant population - so this would be a concern.
ConsulFlaminicus, Sep 07 2005

       There is a book written by the late Willie Donaldson called the "Dictionary of National Celebrity" so that we all can see who the people who feature in the tabloids and gossip magazines are e.g. Jordan is "a deformed torso on sparrow legs", while Tamara Beckwith resembles "a boiled egg with eyebrows painted on".
Nigelwyn, Jun 24 2007

       This would be very handy, but it would have to be extremely well written and concise.   

       Even listening to the summaries of my consultants in areas such as video, The Sopranos, and sports, it can get tedious.
normzone, Jun 24 2007

       Yo, that be real book
Mister Sketchly, Jun 24 2007


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