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Rap News

The news to a beat.
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(Formerly titled "Rap News") I don't think news anchors should have to rhyme, just read their lines in rhythm. I think that would keep everyone's attention and make it more like the anchor is jamming with the audience rather than spouting upon them. Actually it would be a step toward world peace if everyone had to say everything to a beat, but the best place to start would be with the talking heads.
JesusHChrist, Mar 02 2005

"the faux-hip hop stylings of a 60 year old man in front of a camera" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0118798/
[calum, Mar 28 2005]

"Rap Musical" http://www.yalehera...le.php?Article=1962
Sounds a bit poncey. [wagster, Mar 28 2005]

"Rappin" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0089883/
Looks rubbish, but with an average vote of 2.9/10 it can't be all bad. [wagster, Mar 28 2005]


       Nice idea in principle. I allmost voted for it but then I realised that in practice it would only resort to this kind of stuff:   

       Yo we popped those mother####ers in the middle east American homeboy behaving like a beast   

       Bush is elected once again so being gay is now a sin   

       This is Ice Cream for double P you in da how MOTHER####ERS!!!   

       I know that's not what you have in mind, but it is what it would come to.
zeno, Mar 02 2005

       "Public Enemy is the Black CNN." - Chuck D.
calum, Mar 02 2005

python, Mar 04 2005

       Fantastic. I haven't heard someone cleverly put a "C" in front of rap to show their dislike of the music in nearly 8 minutes.
AfroAssault, Mar 27 2005

       Yes, because as we all know, the only form of rap that exists is that which we see on MTV, and there is absolutely nothing outside of that which has intelligent lyrics, non-sampled music, or any socially redeeming value. Why would MTV possibly take the most marketable genre of rap and throw it in our faces all day long? They wouldn't lie to make a few extra dollars, they care!
Also, all country music is about trucks and beer. All heavy metal is about killing. All spanish music is about tacos and doing the macarena. All blues songs are about being cheated on. All prog rock is about wizards and dragons. All punk songs are about getting drunk and fighting. Every style of music fits completely into a little box with a label on it, and there's no deviance from this. I mean, could you imagine if a rap group made a song about growing up (KMD, "Peach Fuzz")? Or if a famous old school rapper made a song about NOT acting like an idiot all the time (Slick Rick the Ruler, "Hey Young World")? Or having their apartment broken into (Common, "Stolen Moments"), or a rapper from Minnesota making a song about being distraught over a failed relationship (Atmosphere, "A Girl Named Hope")? Why, the whole space-time continuum would be wrecked and we'd all die!
Okay, I feel better now.
AfroAssault, Mar 27 2005

       Afficionados will be aware that Rex Harrison performed all of his songs in 'My Fair Lady' in rap, back in '64.
Basepair, Mar 27 2005

       Cue: "News in the style of My Fair Lady" idea.
wagster, Mar 27 2005

       there are few things more terrifying than the faux-hip hop stylings of a 60 year old man in front of a camera.
benfrost, Mar 27 2005

       //That's why I used "excessively" and not "exclusively."//
You win this round, Batman, but I'll be back, and with a thousand leeches in a Wendy's bag...
AfroAssault, Mar 28 2005

       [Wagster] This is one of the very few temptations which I am resisting.
Basepair, Mar 28 2005

       Well, in the sense that the illustrious Mr. Harrison spoke rather than sang all his songs, I can't see any grounds whatsoever for excluding My Fair Lady as a proper rap musical.
Basepair, Mar 28 2005

       [scout] - There have been a few 'proper' rap musicals (links). I have yet to hear of a 'good' one.
wagster, Mar 28 2005


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