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Prank Fonts

Guaranteed to break the ice at typography parties!
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A series of fonts with names like "Aria1", "Tines New Roman", and "Cumbria", that are actually gagged versions of their namesakes. The upper and lower case characters could be switched, or adjacent keys such as "i" and "o" transposed. And since they'd actually be typing the correct keystrokes, spell check would fail to catch the mistake, driving your victim completely bonkers!
ytk, May 26 2011

Altered Font
[xaviergisz, Jun 01 2011]

Upside Down Letters http://www.sevenwir...ideDownLetters.html
I bet this one could brake the ice at typography parties too. [Inyuki, May 28 2012]


MaxwellBuchanan, May 26 2011

       Why, this is the worst idea I've ever seen! I'll just put in my [+   

       Wait a minute. I wanted to put a minus in there. Let's try again. [+]   

       Well, it seems they've been switched. You win this time...!
DrWorm, May 26 2011

       //typography parties//   

       Can't imagine how exciting those are.
RayfordSteele, May 26 2011

       This is already baked for fonts which insist on rendering I and l identically.
Aq_Bi, May 26 2011

       Most of the 355,000+ (I shit thee not) existing fonts are simply a prank, designed to make otherwise sane people crazy.
infidel, May 26 2011

       How do you identify the sane people, though ?
8th of 7, May 26 2011

       [8th], you are under the impression there's more than one, are you? Hmmm.   

       As an avid writer of complete nonsense I suspect this font has been on my confuser for years. This idea is a plague upon serious writers everywhere and therefore infinitely bunworthy. [+]
Grogster, May 26 2011

       The question was rhetorical.
8th of 7, May 26 2011

       This is right up there with making a normal desktop screen shot into wallpaper, and then hiding all the original icons into a folder in one corner.
Ling, May 26 2011

       [+] for //typography parties// alone.
calum, May 26 2011

       cooool...[+] and congrats on your first 2.5 croissant idea!!
xandram, May 26 2011

       Utterly funny and cruel at the same time. +
blissmiss, May 26 2011

       The people who keep making new fonts should be drowned in them.
infidel, May 26 2011

       //right up there with// No, better than.
mouseposture, May 26 2011

       Cute ldea
phundug, May 27 2011

       / This is right up there with making a normal desktop screen shot into wallpaper, and then hiding all the original icons into a folder in one corner. /   

       I have long mused about such a possibility. People encountering such a modified screen might become tense and grumpy and it would be good to include something to bring back balance. A wonderful addition would be to make icons of a single point, which would not be obvious when placed atop the image of the normal icon but would convert the arrow into a click hand when poised over it. Clicking would launch a program - perhaps a WAV file of Bobby McFerrin exhorting the listener to be happy, or maybe a video of cuddly puppies.
bungston, May 27 2011

       Typography parties. The names I can get, it's all those different faces I don't remember. I like the music you get though, you know like "I shot the Serif", "Kerning Japanese", that sort of thing. I always have trouble with all the people having enough space to evenly spread out, but I was told on their budget that it just wasn't justified. I went by train, but they laid on these old fashioned horse drawn landaus to pick everyone up, so at least I got a carriage return at the end of the line.
goff, May 31 2011

normzone, May 31 2011

       Who let him in here ?
8th of 7, May 31 2011

       Wow [goff], long time no see. Glad to see you here instead of dildo saddle idea. That one scared me.
blissmiss, May 31 2011

       I just really like the idea of having a font called "Tines New Roman." [+]
Alx_xlA, Jun 01 2011

       Frank Ponts.
(check out the autonboner here!) I didn't know there were 38 active members!!
xandram, Jun 01 2011

       Well you know bliss, eventually we all come back to the bakery...
goff, Jun 01 2011

       There's no escape ...
8th of 7, Jun 01 2011

       Says someone with a number instead of a name. Have you got a pal named 6, [8th]?
mouseposture, Jun 02 2011

       does wonders for your check ballance, exchanging the 'Y' yen sign for '$' usd's,.. x 100 approxximately,...
sirau, Jun 02 2011

       The pranksters could be known as Serafim.
UnaBubba, May 28 2012

       Comic Sins?
smendler, May 30 2012

       Or Captain Lock, who hangs out at the Space Bar.
Ling, May 30 2012

       What a load of Scrollocks
PainOCommonSense, May 30 2012


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