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Pre-empting hangovers

Take one before drinking
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This pill makes you thirsty so you drink enough to counteract the hangover. If you remember to drink 2 or more pints before bed - then ok - but a pill that kicks in after a night out, at maybe at 1am and makes you drink those pints will stop most headaches etc - and therefore no hangover...

(Maybe certain anti-histmines might do this)

webchat, Oct 16 2003


       What about when you(me) drink enough to puke?   

       And what about setting an alarm clock? ... just hit the "been drinking" botton, and it sets the wake time by itself ... and gets loud and obnoxious, and won't shut up
Letsbuildafort, Oct 16 2003

       A true and dedicated drinker doesn't get hangovers... and the amateur needs a deterrent... (ie: hangover)   

       wouldn't this assist the novice drinker in becoming a heavy drinker?
X2Entendre, Oct 16 2003

       //If you remember to drink 2 or more pints before bed - then ok //   

       But you remember to take the pill.....?   

       I have a hangover right now. One of those that hasn't *really* kicked in yet. I didn't remember to do anything last night before collapsing. When I woke up all the lights were on, the biscuit tin lid was in the bathroom (there are never biscuits in the tin so who opened it?), the bread bin was in a very strange place, a very large and very empty Suave bottle was in the middle of the table (but I'd been to the pub), a rose was sticking out of another empty wine bottle, and both me and my fella were still in our clothes.   

       You're telling me I have to remember to take a pill? No chance. I won't be able to find them, get them out of the packet, distinguish them from tictacs or control my fingers sufficiently to take one.
squeak, Oct 17 2003

       Oh you mean take it *before* drinking.   

       Still. In my experience the biggest and best binges are never planned. I went straight to the pub from work (stopping in a pizzaria on the way) last night intending to have a few drinks and then go home. Didn't quite turn out like that though.
squeak, Oct 17 2003

       OK. NOW it's kicked in.   

       <Hangs DO NOT DISTURB sign round neck>
squeak, Oct 17 2003

       BAM! BAM! BAM!   


       Is this [squeak]'s house?   

       We're going door to door to ask people to participate in a survey! If given the choice, would you prefer Pepsi or Coke?   

       BAM! BAM! BAM!   


snarfyguy, Oct 17 2003

       Ecstacy pills can make people feel so thirsty that they drink enough water to make their brain swell, ultimately killing them. Hopefully the pre-emptive hangover cure wont work _that_ well(read: badly).
MrKangaroo, Oct 17 2003


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