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Pressure Dishwasher

For ground-in oil and crunchy black bits.
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In short, a device that does with your kitchen sink faucet what a standard pressure washer does with your garden hose. With the addition of a small motor, a carefully designed nozzle, and a trigger, you too can give up scrubbing in favor of rinsing! Ideal with roast pans. Seperates the mysterious film from the bottom of coffee urns. Encrusted rice is crusted no longer. Why wear yourself out with a scouring pad?

Not for use on stemware or delicate china.

gisho, Nov 20 2008


       Add a heating element for my bun.
Voice, Nov 20 2008

       water. everywhere. clothes soaked, food on ceiling, food in eyes. Bun for being like my job.
WcW, Nov 21 2008

       [Voice], no heating element necessary - just turn on the hot tap!   

       [WcW], you can probably avoid that if you're veeery careful about the angle it sprays into the sink.
gisho, Nov 21 2008

       Why couldn't it be boiling hot? The clouds of steam would help obscure the bits of food flying everywhere.
bungston, Nov 21 2008

       i REALLY like the blasting cabinet idea. I want a flip down hood with high pressure cleaning tools and a spinning automatic rinse. I think that this would be as good as a dishwasher in really small apartments.
WcW, Nov 21 2008

       It'd need to reach higher pressure than a dishwasher does to be useful. Not that I have bitter experience with useless dishwashers, or anything. *grumblegrumble*
gisho, Nov 21 2008

       You could strip the paint off the cabinets while your at it and go with a whole new look.
theGem, Nov 22 2008


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