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FaceGoblet / BreastCup
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Take a line - a profile of a face or curve of a body, or a line from a famous art work etc, and expand / railrevolve it into 3D to make signature objects, like goblets, lamp bases, trash baskets, etc.

Check out the link for an image of a goblet/trashbasket made with my striking profile.... what a handsome guy.

The first cup is a breast profile, thus the name, Bcup. Maybe it should be FaceGoblet, or Faceware, or ProfileWare. ProfileWare sounds like really borring Microsoft era software though.

JesusHChrist, Jan 27 2011

BreastCup and FaceGoblet http://netfreedomblog.blogspot.com/
[JesusHChrist, Jan 27 2011]

baked http://www.turnyourhead.com/
[JesusHChrist, Jan 31 2011]


       I like it! [+]   

       For extra credit, develop a "while-you-wait" service to take a photo of someone's face and produce an object for them on the spot, using a 3D printer or a CNC lathe.
Wrongfellow, Jan 27 2011

       Cool idea.
DrBob, Jan 27 2011

       + creative!
xandram, Jan 27 2011

       The first picture is of man boob? (+)
rcarty, Jan 27 2011

       I don't want to know about your handle or spout, IT.
RayfordSteele, Jan 27 2011

       Very nice.
zeno, Jan 29 2011

       I was thinking it could be made out of two faces on polar opposite sides and they blend together to make a nice marraige gift but apparently that's the first picture on second link.
rcarty, Jan 31 2011

       Yeah, unfortunately it does appear to be baked. My [+] remains, though, and it may be somewhat known to exist, but I'd prefer to draw the line somewhere short of 'widely', if that's at all possible.
Wrongfellow, Feb 01 2011

       If this hasn't been done I'd be surprised. Still a nice idea, though.
kuupuuluu, Feb 02 2011

       There was an exhibit in the Tokyo Electric Power Museum which took your profile and laser cut a small piece of card with it. It was in an open area, so I only did my face.
Ling, Feb 02 2011


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