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Ever wanted a rainbow?
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That's easy, for an reasonable payment of $799.99 you can request a rainbow be made for that special outdoor event of yours. Wedding? Funeral? Barbecue? National Holiday? Simply tell us where you are, and when you want it; then we'll do the rest. We send a fleet of planes with several hundred liters of water to spray an extremely fine mist over a pre-calculated area.

With some guess-and-test, simple equations can be made that take in all the factors that determine the perfect rainbow. ie. sun angle, humidity, wind, place, time etc. Voila, rent-a-rainbow is born.

swimr, May 03 2004

Rainbow Machine http://www.adelaide...ial/xsl_project.xsl
A work of art, but it does what you ask. [DrCurry]

Odds http://www.funny2.com/odds.htm [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Odds http://www.funny2.com/odds.htm
[Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Pretty easy to calculate where a rainbow falls, directly opposite from the sun. And rather than a plane, a high pressure water fountain will do the trick. But do you always want to douse the bystanders in that direction with water?   

       Either way, croissant!
DrCurry, May 03 2004

       Alot like the link but a whole lot bigger, and the crowd won't get doused if its a few km away (like normal rainbows)
swimr, May 03 2004

       [swimr] but the crowd a few km away will.
reap, May 04 2004

       where do you live that you can guarantee the sun? nice thought though.
po, May 04 2004

       "Where ... the sun"?  Process of elimination, and it's not shining here.
dpsyplc, May 04 2004

       Here, we have on average 330 days of sunshine per year. That's pretty close to a guarantee.
half, May 04 2004

       Must be nice...
yabba do yabba dabba, May 04 2004

       Come on by. We'll turn on the sprinkler in the back yard and make rainbows.
half, May 04 2004

       There's still a 9.65092402464066% chance it'll be cloudy when I get there.
yabba do yabba dabba, May 04 2004

       Not if you get here today.
half, May 04 2004

       I spent an afternoon in a friend's back yard with some fine sprinklers and some very bright spotlights. No joy for night-rainbows. :(   

       So the night rainbow had to be faked by projecting a rainbow slide onto the mist cloud. It looked OK, but nothing like a true rainbow.   

       If only we'd had a plane and a sunny day...   

not_only_but_also, May 04 2004

       I wish I could, half.
yabba do yabba dabba, May 05 2004

       I'll take a large quarter-rainbow with mist. Hold the yellow.
k_sra, May 05 2004

       would you like a side order of green with that?
swimr, May 05 2004

       For the rainbow-challenged areas, this would be a hit. [+] Eat hearty on this croissant.   

       [ydyd] Come to the Pacific northwest, there's a 9.65092402464066% chance it'll be sunny when you get here. ;)
Klaatu, May 05 2004

       I'm south of Seattle. We get the "Gorge Effect" here
Klaatu, May 06 2004

       Thanks, klaatu, but I'm kinda stuck at work right now.
There's a 99.99999999999% chance I'll be the Denver area next weekend. Any bakers there?

       (preemptive <crickets>)
yabba do yabba dabba, May 06 2004

       is the .00000000001 % the possibility of winning the lottery ?
po, May 06 2004

       Sounds more like the odds of finding a winning lottery ticket on the ground. Or of the planet being struck by a meteor. (runs off to do math)
Worldgineer, May 06 2004

       That's when the meteor hits the plane.
FarmerJohn, May 06 2004

       Looks like it's less likely than 1 to 1E11 that a meteor will strike [yabba]'s house (or, I assume, airplane), but it's more likely that he will become a saint.
Worldgineer, May 06 2004


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