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Random Travel Trifecta

Got free time? Let this site plan your vacation with others.
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Occasionally people will have the rare occurrence of free time, with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Actually there is plenty to do and many places to go; it's just that these people don't know about it. So this website comes into play.

Combine APAD (my first idea, I'm sorry for the bit of self-promotion) with Digi-Hitch and Couch Surfing. This mega-site polls APAD for a destination, cross references it against places to stay (via Couch Surfing), and plots your route with stops along the way to pick up vehicularly-impaired whose vacation time aligns with yours.

Thus we have a website that plans your trip with a great destination, free lodging, and interesting (guaranteed non-psycho) fellow travellers.

Of course, the target market is rather small, consisting of college students and adventurous people who have large amounts of free time. The latter category might not exist in real life; further studies are necessary.

Acme, May 02 2005

A Place A Day A_20Place_20A_20Day
Random destinations [Acme, May 02 2005]

Digi-Hitch Rideboard http://rideboard.digihitch.com/
Database of rides and riders [Acme, May 02 2005]

Couch Surfing http://www.couchsurfing.com/
People share their domiciles for travellers [Acme, May 02 2005]




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