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Scar Stories

Because you carry your past with you in your skin.
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One of my favourite scenes in the film “Jaws” is when the three main characters are out in their little boat looking for the shark. They’re all a little wary of one another at first, but, as night falls upon the ocean and they share a few beers, the barriers between them begin to break down. They begin to find a common ground between each other, and (slowly sidling up to my point) they do this by comparing scars. It’s the one thing they all share.

In fact, it’s the one thing we all share – we’ve all got scars, be they big or small, single or numerous. Whatever their nature, it’s a sure thing that there’s a story behind each and every one. Be it funny or sad, triumphant or tragic, every scar tells a story – if the event was big enough for your body to remember it, chances are you will too.

So here’s what I’m proposing – a website (perhaps a series of websites) where people can post both their scars and the stories behind them. But rather than just having dull, text-based descriptions, the site has a fully rotatable 3d image of a generic person on it. You mark the size and position of your scar on the virtual model, and the story behind it appears only when someone moves their mouse over your virtual scar. And you can only add your scar and story if your scar begins where the other scar finishes. Kind of a morbid “join-the-dots” sort of thing. Eventually you’ll end up with a virtual model built up entirely of scar tissue, replete with stories about everything from “when I had my appendix out” through “when my little brother hit me in the head with a plate” to “my horrific car accident”.

I’m imagining something similar to those 3d models of vein structures that you see in medical textbooks – human-shaped tree-like structures of branching and intersecting lines, but on the outside of the body, and coupled with individual, unique stories for each lacerated path. The reason I mention a series of websites is that, of course, not everyone’s scar will necessarily abut onto one on the same virtual body. Separate models would probably be needed. Who knows - online communities may even arise – “Hello. You don’t know me, but your trapeze-accident scar continues my they-tell-you-not-to-run-with-scissors-for-a-reason scar. Would you like to meet up and be extra-careful together?”

It might take a while, but eventually you’ll have documented a single scar which covers an entire body. It will have wound it’s way through countless people; that same scar will have travelled across continents and flicked back and forth through god knows how many years – it’s really the repository of stories that results that’s the important thing.

lostdog, Jul 26 2003

Learning to love you more http://www.learning...m/reports/11/11.php
Lightly Baked, as part of this really cool interactive art project [dbsousa, Oct 06 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Scar http://www.amazon.c...34?v=glance&s=books
On the theme of scars, physical, mental and continental. [my face your, Oct 06 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Overbaked http://groups.yahoo.com/group/overbaked/
For opinionated ranters (like me). [DrBob, Oct 06 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Slowwave - other people's dreams made interesting http://www.slowwave.com/
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a cultural thing! http://www.journeym...%2FciPeople_Inc.htm
[po, Oct 17 2004]


       Nice name. I guess you wouldn't want to mess this up with statistics like the percent that have eyebrow scars.
FarmerJohn, Jul 26 2003

       my favourite scene in lethal weapon 3 (is it 3? don't all shout)
po, Jul 26 2003

       I demand that the halfbakery set up a scar forum, with the link not part of the hierarchy, as the *scar* should boldly be visible to one and all, on the left, beneath the hickey of the halfbakery logo.
thumbwax, Jul 26 2003

       This idea hinges on the notion that other people find scar stories interesting. Not certain that's entirely true. People sure do like to talk about themselves though, so if the web logging phenomenon is any indication, you probably have a hit on your hands here.
waugsqueke, Jul 26 2003

       i have a scar on my inner ear. surgury, not a good story or a good scar.   

       i've got a little one on my pinky that i got in a battle with a dog.   

       well, not so much battle as i was afraid, ran away and tripped.
HalfwayHebrew, Jul 26 2003

       I've got one on the chin from bag-in-the-front-spokes 20 years ago you're welcome to.
lintkeeper2, Jul 26 2003

       You can't have my scars.
I earned them and... well you just can't have them.

       Another great "scar stories" scene: Chasing Amy, with Banky and Alyssa competing over who has the best sexual injuries.
friendlyfire, Jul 27 2003

       This is so funny... me and my sisters were having a convesation about our scars right before I read this idea. It's really strange how even though we are sisters I didn't know how they had gotten some of their scars. They do say a lot about a person. (well, sometimes only about their stupidity)
Pericles, Jul 27 2003

       I can't decide whether such a sight should be called scarry stories or scary stories.
otnas, Jul 27 2003

       [shift] don't forget to credit CS Lewis for that line.
lintkeeper2, Jul 27 2003

       You only shaved half your bum, [toejam]? After that I suppose you turned the other cheek...   

       Back in my mis-spent youth, I learned to juggle. Big mistake. My ambition surpassed my skill, as I found out when I caught a cleaver in my thumb and a sword in my ankle. That's "in", not "with". Couple that with a violent altercation that my head had with a concrete floor (and I would have won that arguement if the ground hadn't had gravity on it's side), and you can see where I'm coming from with this idea. I got plenty stupid scars, and I'm just looking for some assurance that other people are as clumsy/idiotic as me.   

       Tales of reckless stupidity or sibling cruelty are more than welcome.
lostdog, Jul 27 2003

       Brilliant! I call my sister Scar due to a huge back surgery scar she has down her entire spine. Pictures should be also submitted and someone could win scar of the week for each body part: sure your scar is bigger but mine looks like prince's glyphic symbol. the site could be officially sponsored by Palmers cocoa butter or vitamin e.
bubblegrrl79, Jul 28 2003

       Scars are cool. Someone with a good scar always seems, somehow, more exotic and mysterious. Good idea, lostdog. +

[added after reading UnaBubba's contribution]
...exotic and mysterious...usually.
DrBob, Jul 28 2003

       Hey! I have lots of stories about sibling cruelty. Some of the proof remains on my skin...like that time my sister had an anger crisis - God knows why- and threw a plate to my head. Some of the sibling violence left its mark on my sisters' bodies. Ya know, 4 girls in the same house can pick up a fight over a something as irrelevant as who gets to wear the new shoes or "who hid my skirt you bitches!!"   

       ...no, wait, those last ones would fit more in the reckless stupidity category.
Pericles, Jul 28 2003

       My belly button is my biggest scar. I got it shortly after birth.
k_sra, Jul 28 2003

       China Mieville wrote a really rather bleak sci fi book about scars (see link). One feature is a pair of lovers (referred to only as The Lovers), who gets their jollies inscribing mirror image scars on each other. (See link.)
DrCurry, Jul 28 2003

       Sibling rivalry knows no bounds. I happen to know that [jonthegeologist] bears a scar on his shin from where his younger brother [neilp] stabbed him with a garden fork in an argument about whose turn it was on the swing. Although this incident was 20 years ago, I still hear about it at least once a month, so I'm not sure I need a website to remind me.   

       Despite this, I like the idea. Twould make an excellent modern art installation, as long as ladies don't have to include *all* their scars. After childbirth some things are better left to the imagination.   

       A sliced bun for you
hazel, Jul 28 2003

       is there a word for that sharp feeling of pain that you get when reading something like fishface's last?   

       I call the place where it stabs, the centre of empathy and mine is in the lower abdomen region.
po, Jul 28 2003

       "Welcome to the core of Empathy. Have a seat, we already know how you are feeling..."
k_sra, Jul 28 2003

       its a case of The Empathy strikes back.
po, Jul 28 2003

       oh go on - just the 3 of us...
po, Jul 28 2003

       ok, make me laugh!
po, Jul 28 2003

       A wild boar, a slow UB and a funny story about a scar . I can see a song about this. Folk style.
sufc, Jul 28 2003

       Some people could go out and get scars just for the stories.
sartep, Jul 28 2003

       "Lyricisized like a true 'bubba," she said, presciently.
bristolz, Jul 29 2003

       shades of UB that we have missed - <applause>
po, Jul 29 2003

       Is that what the boar said?
thumbwax, Jul 29 2003

       or small bore, even.
po, Jul 29 2003

       How would it cope with the scars left where bits of people are missing? I'd have to spend a whole weekend typing mine in!
oneoffdave, Jul 29 2003

       I am curious. Are people voting for this because they would like to post their own scar stories, or because they'd like to read the scar stories posted by others? I'd wager it's almost all the former, especially considering how many annotators took the opportunity to list their scar stories here, at the slightest provocation. Even among those that didn't add stories, there are several mentions of 'contributing' and 'adding mine'. Nobody says, 'hey, yes it would be interesting to read about other peoples' scars.'   

       Therefore I'm going to go with my initial gut feeling about this. Folks are just looking to chuck their story on the pile, but no one cares about reading them. I think it would be hugely popular for people wanting to post their scar stories, but that virtually no one would ever read this site.
waugsqueke, Jul 29 2003

       waugs, that is a very accurate observation of many subjects of conversation: dreams, babies, mother-in-law, drunken capers, births, divorces, problems with lovers/husbands/wives, events in the war, theories of everything...   

       having an interest in other people is everything.
po, Jul 29 2003

       Dreams are a good parallel - I don't want hear somebody prattling on about their dreams but I am willing to hear the story provided it presented in an interesting way (e.g. slowwave.com). With regards to the idea posted, I think that lostdog's "interest mechanism" (3d body model) would be sufficiently successful to warrant a croissant.
my face your, Jul 29 2003

       "look at the scars, see how they shine for you" (p.s. small firework burn on my neck from when I was 5)
neilp, Jul 29 2003

       I want to know how they got the capers drunk in the first place [po]
barnzenen, Jul 29 2003

       steeped overnight in gin.
po, Jul 29 2003

       // having an interest in other people is everything. //   

       Agreed, po. But I do think there's a legitimate cut-off point. Body injury markings might well be it. I think it's fair to say that a site where people can post their excreta quantity stories would certainly be beyond normal 'interest' level.   

       My point was just that I think the interest in this idea is almost exclusively "oh boy I get to tell people about my scars" with little to none of "oh boy I get to read about other peoples' scars". Nobody cares, but it appears that nobody cares that nobody cares and are just excited to post their scar stories even if no one will ever read them.
waugsqueke, Jul 29 2003

       give and take, I guess, w - you've got to offer something so that you are worthy of reading everyone else's. It's like the halfbakery - there are some people who just throw an idea in, and don't bother reading everyone else's, and there are some who don't have ideas of their own but will comment on every little detail of another's. And there are people right through the spectrum. I'm sure there don't need to be rules about it.
Well may I say that I have enjoyed the scars detailed on this page and that should anyone be interested, I have sliced two fingerpads most of the way off in entirely separate mini-penknife:eager-parcel-opening accidents, little cubes of broken glass deep in my knees for a few weeks after a playground accident, numerous baking-tray and frying-pan singe lines on my wrists and forearms, a roughly circular inept-cyclist-meets-brick-bridge scar on my right shoulder, and the vestiges of chicken pox absolutely everywhere (I had it *really* bad).
badgers, Jul 29 2003

       I feel that the interest is in the telling. if Afro or TW or FJ, for instance, wrote about their scars, I just know I would be riveted.   

       I have one scar on my finger and its too boring to recount. however waugs, I would really, really like to hear about yours! mainly because I know its like getting blood out of a stone :)
po, Jul 29 2003

       Have to confess I didn't, UB. Sorry.   

       Too bad huh, po... I've got some really excellent scars.
waugsqueke, Jul 29 2003

       I would disagree with [waugs] observation, he has no way ok knowing how many people read the annotations and laughed, without adding any of their own, (or even adding one of their own)   

       Come on waugs, whats your scar story? I bet its a good one.
senatorjam, Jul 29 2003

       senator, no chance, I'd lay money on it.
po, Jul 29 2003

       That's right jam. I based my opinion totally on the views expressed in the annotations.   

       I would suggest that those that did not annotate would have even less interest in the idea, considering they were not moved to express it. But that's open to debate, I suppose.
waugsqueke, Jul 29 2003

       perhaps the memories are too painful or shameful? I lied - I have 2 scars - both on my hands. one is a dull memory, the other - nothing to be proud of.
po, Jul 29 2003

       I don't know if it's just me waugs but you never used to be such a miserable naysayer in the HB early days. So what if every idea on here doesn't conform to the letter of what an idea should be or that it can have holes picked in it? Sometimes, its good when ideas turn up that nobody bothers to try and make serious comments on the idea, but just joins in the fun instead.
Anyway, I'm all for scar stories. That's because I have three scars to be proud of:
scar one: elbow split open on coral whilst windsurfing in kenya.
scar two: big hole in knee where 3 inch stone became embedded whilst white water rafting on the Tully river in Queensland, Oz.
scar three: scar on in inside of right foot where trod on broken beer bottle in inebriated condition in Tooting high street.
Just because they make me sound vaguely exotic. Aah Tooting...
goff, Jul 29 2003

       Bravo, [goff]. Agree completely.
krelnik, Jul 29 2003

       Bec, Common or Broadway? I'm by the market!
po, Jul 29 2003

       //they were not moved to express it//, or they just got around to reading it.   

       Q: Is an anno a requirement for voting?
A: No.

       Q: Am I now going to tell everyone my scar stories?
A: No.

       Q: Are other people’s scars interesting?
A: Yeah, but the idea and the family tree anno were the most interesting.

       [lostdog], Croissant for the visual metaphor. I think it can be done on a single virtual body with magnification/zooming. +
Shz, Jul 29 2003

       Back when I obtained my Ultimate Bragging Scar, I would have been first in line. Now that it has been firmly upstaged by a pair of Just Plain Embarrassing Scars, I'm unsure.
lurch, Jul 29 2003

       Waugs - I've been pretty much delighted by the cascade of annos that have flowed from this (pretty slim) idea. I'd expected the annotations to criticize the specfics of the 3D virtual person thing - but instead everyone seems to have wanted to tell their own stories instead. Fine by me - hats off to UB, oneoffdave, toejam, pericles, and Rods Tiger in particular. And po, for being honest.   

       True, there's not much interest in other people's stories. But, unlike dreams, a scar will mark you for life, no matter how bland the story behind it is. It could be argued that you make it your own by weaving an amusing story around it. Whatever. All I know is that I for one have had a good laugh reading all these Scar Stories. It's not what I'd expected from posting this idea, but, as ever, the HB has surprised me (in a good way). Now if we can just kill that damn shark... (yarr...)
lostdog, Jul 29 2003

       I have also returned several times to this idea to enjoy the annos. The idea was a bit odd, but hey, most are.
lintkeeper2, Jul 29 2003

       I think this is a pretty interesting idea. Nothing terribly interesting to contribute, but like so many have said, it is a part of who you are & shapes how you think of yourself & sometimes how others think of you, and how you deal with that.   

       Only scar story that comes to mind, nearly sliced a good chunk of my right thumb off with a pocket knife whilst in English Lit 12. Was carving letters out of the vinyl on my binder & the knife slipped. Sat there for the rest of the class with my thumb mashed to my thigh to stem the bleeding. Walked kinda funnily to my locker after class & calmly asked my friend if she had any band-aids. Never went to the doctor or told my mum. Miraculously healed up without infection or loss of sensation. I gave up cutting binders with pocket knives after that.
BayRatt, Jul 30 2003

       //excreta quantity stories //

waugs, I think that you underestimate the generally lowbrow nature of the human race. One of my cricketting colleagues' claim to fame is that he took a dump at every ground we visited during the 2001 season. A tale which he regales us with at every opportunity. Remember, nobody ever got poor by underestimating people's bad taste.

Oh, and for the record, I think that toejam is out of order. I'm happy to discuss it at overbaked any time.
DrBob, Jul 30 2003

       Agree with DrBob - disagreeing with someone and making it known is one thing, but telling them to bugger off is another thing entirely, and is out of order.
BTW how many people who saw Jaws didn't read the book , and therefore don't know why Roy Scheider looks under his jumper but DOESN'T join in the scar game?
goff, Jul 30 2003

       [UB] I know I'm not considered an unbiased source, but I have to agree with [toejam] and the others here. I think [waugs] goes too far with many of his annos. If you don't like someone's idea, well for gods sake vote it down and move on. Is it really necessary to hang around and piss all over it repeatedly, especially when others seem to be enjoying it?
krelnik, Jul 30 2003

       if we are being fair, it has to be said that he generally just takes the one slash. :)
po, Jul 30 2003

       Oh, for goodness sake, everyone take a deep breath and walk away. This is old ground. There will always be differences of opinion, there's no need to get personal. Some people like to speak their minds, if you don't agree you're entitled to say so, but life's too bloody short to get upset about it.
egbert, Jul 30 2003

       [krelnik], I concur.
lintkeeper2, Jul 30 2003

       Seemed to me he wasn't pissing on the idea, just musing on peoples' motives for visiting the hypothetical website, i.e. to post about themselves or to read about others. I don't see what all the hoo-ha is about.
snarfyguy, Jul 30 2003

       //generally just takes the one slash//
I see [edit]six here.
krelnik, Jul 30 2003

       // you never used to be such a miserable naysayer in the HB early days. //   

       Nah, I've always been like this. It's just that there are more crap ideas these days so you notice it more.   

       I don't know what you're all on about. Aside from my normal fan club of twits who gnaw on my leg at the slightest provocation... for the rest of you, if you don't like what I have to say, don't read it. I'm entitled to my opinion just as any one else is.   

       Regards this idea, I was merely discussing the merits and the attraction to it. I think I made a valid point, and I am not really clear what's wrong with doing that. Debating the good and bad points of ideas is what the bakery's all about.   

       Meanwhile, back at the idea... //Remember, nobody ever got poor by underestimating people's bad taste. //   

       Good doctor, I must admit I did not bother to check first to see if in fact an excreta quantity web site does exist, because I was afraid to discover it just might.
waugsqueke, Jul 30 2003

       And my previous anno says: [waugs], I agree that we shouldn’t turn this into a list and that’s not the reason I’m going to vote for it...It could be fun discussing how to build such a database.   

       As for the positive metaphoric aspect of bringing people together, looks like that went out the window on this one.
Shz, Jul 30 2003

       am sorry to announce my own scar story : worse, it was inflicted by a fellow half baker. When I was around 11 years old, I was on a garden swing when a fellow baker, annoyed at my continual presence, threatened me off the swing with a large garden fork.   

       I didn't get off. He put the fork up and I swung straight into it, impaling my leg in the process.   

       If he doesn't own up on this thread, I will out him!
jonthegeologist, Jul 30 2003

       hazel ratted
k_sra, Jul 30 2003

       neil :)   

       ha, neil did it, hazel told us about it.
po, Jul 30 2003

       // I deeply *don't* care about perfect strangers scars//   

       Why not make a guessing game out of it? Everyone in a large group describes how a scar happened, writing it on a piece of paper. Choose a story at random, and have the group guess whose it is. Then everyone can relay their gruesome, funny, or uninteresting tale, and everyone can hear it.
Amos Kito, Jul 30 2003

       The man with no nose always loses.
k_sra, Jul 30 2003

       //Scars are physical reminders of the paths we have taken, and the obstacles we have overcome, both physical and emotional, throughout this sacred journey we call life//
But most of them are physical reminders of clumsiness and stupidity.
my face your, Jul 30 2003

       or an interesting sex life or a careless bus driver
po, Jul 30 2003

       tsk. hazel didn't even tell me she'd anno'd this post with my life story!   

       twas neilp who stabbed me! evil h-baker!
jonthegeologist, Jul 30 2003

       See what I mean?! Can't stop talking about it. See what I have to put up with. Tsk.   

       HB is not a place for airing family secrets so I think we'll end it there. Unless you want to hear about [neilp] breaking the Etch-a-Sketch...
hazel, Jul 30 2003

       Hi all - haven't been around in a while. It looks like I'm going to have to check out this "overbaked" thing some of you mentioned. BTW - waugs is fine with me.   

       Anyway - many people, I think, will have scars in the same places. For example, the fingers seem to be prone to scars. So you'd have to have multiple layers, perhaps indicated by colors or something, so people can see bunches of scars in the same general areas. For example, my brown recluse spider bite scars might overlap jonthegeologist's fork impalement scars. Perhaps some zooming thing (as someone else mentioned) plus a 3-d feature, so we could see the depth of the scars as well (the fork impalement scars would be really cool in a semi-transparent 3-d thingy).   

       Short list of scars (i have lots and lots, especially on my legs) - spider (brown recluse) bites on left leg - bunch on my face (again, left side) from when a dog tried to eat it - burn scars on right ankle from hot-coal-in-shoe incident (yeah, I was drunk) - chopped-foot-with-axe-scar on left foot - knife-fight laceration scars on left arm
quarterbaker, Jul 30 2003

       Hey QB. Welcome back.
snarfyguy, Jul 30 2003

       //hurts like billy-o ... but so satisfying to see it come away //   

       I was amazed that I remembered this line, and even more amazed that someone else did too. It is, I think, from "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" where a guy names Eustace picks at a wound and basically peels his entire scabby, scaly skin away, transforming himself in the process. No doubt some Christian metaphor I did not recognize as a wee grader.
bungston, Jul 30 2003

       Right you are, [bungston]. Actual quote from the Voyage, as Aslan is peeling off Eustace's dragon skin....: "You know, if you've ever picked the scab off a sore place. It hurts like billy-oh but it *is* such fun to see it coming away." It's been 2 decades since I read that set, but time for another round. Thanks, [shift], coincidentally(?) the ape's name in the Last Battle.
lintkeeper2, Jul 30 2003

       qb, what blissmiss said. tis a funny thing but I was thinking 'rug burns' as I typed my last anno <g>
po, Jul 31 2003

       //chopped-foot-with-axe-scar on left foot //

Couldn't you have just used toe-nail clippers, like everyone else?
DrBob, Jul 31 2003

       I've since started using a dremel rotary tool, with the diamond-encrusted cutting disk. As UB hinted (I think), my toenails are pretty thick. Folks have said to me things like, "you climb trees with those," and "when you walk across a wood floor, do they go 'clickety-clack'?"   

       Blissmiss - you can have a lick any time, but don't bite too hard.
quarterbaker, Jul 31 2003

       I'm a walking globe, due to vitiglio on old scars.
RayfordSteele, Jul 31 2003

       I had to look that up, but only found vitiligo = leukoderma.
FarmerJohn, Jul 31 2003

       I could've sworn I saw [quarterbaker] but, that can't be.
bristolz, Jul 31 2003

       bris - I'm a figgament of your magination
quarterbaker, Jul 31 2003

       [ld] You did it again, (+). I won't annoy [waugs] by listing all mine here, i'll just say they are numerous and horrific.

Like [bliss] said, scars are unique to people and can remind them of their physical/emotional paths through life. I do think public interest would be enough to support this idea into its bakable form.
silverstormer, Jul 31 2003

       You would have to put burns on a differant site they could be too large
shad, Nov 23 2003

       Interesting idea... I've got some good scars - which I won't go into.. but I do like hearing about how other people got their best scars...   

       Building on a point made in one of the annotations here, I think it might be cool to extend this idea by organising the scars into friendship groups, so that people can see the collective scars of themselves and their friends on a 3d visual model / browse through and vote for other friendship group models... The best models could be on the front page of the website, along side the most recently created ones. In the quite likely situation that someone is in two friendship groups, these groups can join to create a mightier collection of scars on one model. You like?   

       .. Oh yeah................. [+]
SpeedDemon, Dec 07 2003

       There is an African immigrant living in my building who I sometimes see in the elevator. He has two long, parallel scars on his face like tears running down each cheek. I've always wanted to know what happened, but asking him would probably offend since he is a polite, retiring kind of person. They are too straight to be accidental. If deliberate, why?   

       Does anyone know how that might have happened?
k_sra, Dec 16 2003

       Funny you should mention that, k_sra - a couple of years ago on the Paris metro I saw an African woman with three or four similar vertical scars down her face. Again, too regular and parallel to be accidental. It's since stuck in my head, and I've always wondered what her story was.
lostdog, Dec 16 2003

       Cheers, tsuka - and thanks for the link, po!
lostdog, Dec 16 2003

po, Dec 16 2003

       Thank you for the response. Fascinating.
k_sra, Dec 17 2003

       This is one of my favorite of [lostdog]'s ideas. I had to come back and cast again the possitive vote lost in the September HB crash.   

       Funny it is that, also, between the time the idea was posted and today, I got my biggest scar so far. Scar stories are endless.. we'll keep getting marks in our bodies until the day we hand it back to mother nature.
Pericles, Oct 23 2004

       '... and here's the scar that I got from where the murderer tried to kill me...'
froglet, Feb 14 2005

       I've got a scar on my shin from walking backwards off the stage of the Lyric Theatre Belfast infront of a full house. Not in the least embarrassing I tell ya.
etherman, Feb 14 2005

       I just gave myself a scar on my stomach from the swinging the hot end of a hair dryer at myself. It looks like a bullseye. I feel retarded. I just branded myself. Moo.
k_sra, Feb 14 2005

       [normzone] offers to kiss it and make it better. Vitamen E oil used in the healing process reduces scarring also.
normzone, Feb 14 2005

       voice over narrative: 'and so through time immortal, humans upon meeting, have taken it upon themselves to show their scars and exchange their recipes. I ask you dear viewer - may we ever know how deep the scars or how bad the cooking? " fade to custard.
benfrost, Feb 15 2005

       *clap clap* that was brilliant, [ben], brilliant. : )   

       I think eventually we all figure out how bad the cooking is.
k_sra, Feb 18 2005


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