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Re-constructable Shreddies

Reconstruct Shreddies back into Weetabix sized cereal
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Years ago, Nabisco invented and marketed Weetabix to world who had a requirement for plate-sized cereals. The tendency of laziness in our way of life then led to the deconstruction of the plate-sized meal to that of a spoon-sized object - known as a Shreddie. Wake Up! Early morning is the time for excercise. What we now need is a kit so that we can reconstruct the Shreddie back into a Weetabix before milk is added. I have not found anyone who only puts one Shreddie in their mouth at a time. T
TonyK, Sep 14 2001

Boycott Nestle http://www.babymilkaction.org/
It's a shame they are so evil because they make some very nice cereals. [gravelpit, Sep 14 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Perhaps the answer is to take these lazy breakfast chowderheads by surprise and introduce Swelling Shreddies: Normal sized Shreddies which, when put into the mouth, react with saliva and swell to four hundred times their normal size. That'll teach them.
kpx, Sep 14 2001

       >>pedant alert<< If you reconstruct a Shreddie to its original size, you would have a Shredded Wheat, not a Weetabix. Weetabix is a completely different cereal. >>pedant alert<<
pussygalore, Sep 14 2001

       The mood to reconstruct comes over me after days of 'bestowment': that is to say, post-holidays.
Reconstructable skateboards, miniscooters, BMX bikes, and rollerblade skates top my list of the things that everyone and his brother was using last month but are not seen outside of garages presently.
Reconstructable cereal, though, now that I can sink my teeth into.
reensure, Sep 14 2001

       nothing to do with cereal but my little brother once had a slinky and it got a kink in it on christmas day - we spent all of christmas trying to re-constitute the slinky and we did but it ended up ten feet long
po, Sep 17 2001

       nope - to get wheatabix you would need to reconstruct minibixes(is that the right plural, is that even the right name - or was it frutibixi)...
RobertKidney, Sep 17 2001

       The original cereal was called Fruitibix (bite-sized Weetabix with raisins and nuts in) but then Nabisco created the banana and choc-chip isotopes and renamed the entire range minibix. They are clearly the intellectual descendants of Weetabix but they are quite different to eat since they have been given some kind of hard sugar coating to make them stay crunchy in milk longer. I believe that this is the real reason that Weetabix was originally produced in such large bricks - they go soggy so quickly that they need a low surface area to volume ratio to have any chance of lasting for the time it takes to eat them.   

       Bite-sized Shredded Wheat are called (unsurprisingly) "Shreaded Wheat Bite Size" and should be boycotted (along with their larger ancestors) by all righteous people, since they are made by Nestle. Although I wish someone else would make them since they are quite nice.
gravelpit, Sep 18 2001

       come to that, Shreddies are Nestle too.
gravelpit, Sep 18 2001

       [UnaBubba]: I beg to differ. The plural in each case would be minibixen and fruitibixen.
BigBrother, Sep 20 2001

       I know this post is coming very late, but i'm very angry anyway since in France you can't get any shreddies since the mid-eighties. I guess it's the same anywhere in continental Europe. Fuck Nestle.
aint2cute, Mar 29 2003

       Perhaps this is a good time to set up a black market in cereal-based breakfast items. I'll buy up a load of Shreddies over here then head across the Channel, returning the favour for all those French chaps coming over here and selling onions, and making my fortune in the process.
hazel, Jan 23 2004

       This is no laughing matter. I am going to the Carcassonne area in the next few months, and Shredded Wheat is essential. Hazel, I'm right there with you, as half the population of south west France is now middle class English people.
hdjnicklin, Mar 24 2004


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