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Rectum Septum

More, though smaller
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A very delicately-installed double piercing, between the ends of which is strung a sterilised cheesewire chord, to effortlessly slice your stools asunder.
calum, Nov 05 2012

Check out the silly fake exhaust pipes on that http://www.6speedon...8-exhaust-tips.html
Scroll about a page down, till you see the black 911 turbo, check out the silly exhaust detailling and then join me in my righteous contempt. [zen_tom, Nov 05 2012]

Wind Harp http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wind_harp
//Can you play it?// I'm glad you arsed. [spidermother, Nov 05 2012]


       Very sick. Very, very sick.
blissmiss, Nov 05 2012

       On the plus side, if you ever get sent to prison (and I refrain from speculating how probable this is for [calum]) you're less likely to get assaulted in the showers.
hippo, Nov 05 2012

       Ewww! Yellow cards [calum] and [hippo]!   

       //you're less likely to get assaulted in the showers//   

       Also, pedantically, shouldn't that read:   

       //you're less likely to get assaulted in the showers...more than once.//   

       And finally, widening the thought outward a little - I've noticed a few different exhaust-pipes on sporty cars are sometimes made to look as though they are doubly exhaustive - but which on closer inspection are the same single exhaust, but with a false "doubler" fitted to the end - to most unsatisfying effect.
zen_tom, Nov 05 2012

       whew, thanks for talking about cars [zt] !!!!
what if they wanted to slice veggies there?
xandram, Nov 05 2012

       Good point xandram, if sharp enough, the wire could result in being assaulted in the showers twice at once.
calum, Nov 05 2012

       My mother once angrily commented on the car in front: "Look at that spiv with four exhaust pipes - what a waste of exhaust!"
TomP, Nov 05 2012


       "Describe in single words only the good things that come into your mind about … your mother."   

8th of 7, Nov 05 2012

       // //you're less likely to get assaulted in the showers...more than once.// // ...by the same person
phundug, Nov 05 2012

       can you *play* it?
po, Nov 05 2012

       //can you *play* it?//   

       Hmmm. Has anyone posted Rectal Harmonica yet?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 05 2012

       Oh, po! You are the best!
calum, Nov 05 2012


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