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Recycled CD CD Case

Parts for making a CD case out of two obsolete CDs
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Compact disks used to come in jewel cases, but now many are kept in paper or Tyvek envelopes. It’s an inexpensive and space efficient solution, but whenever I send someone a CD through the mail I want it to have some protection against bending and cracking, so I usually just stick another CD (an old one) in there to add some structural support. It works, but I think I have a more convenient solution.

The invention consists of three parts -- a piece of sticky tape and two plastic clips. Use them as follows:

1. Get two obsolete CDs; hold them together with the labels facing each other. Use the tape to fasten them together at one point. The tape acts like a hinge, it is tough enough to withstand flexing without tearing, breaking or coming unstuck.

2. At approximately 60 degrees around the edge of the CDs, apply one of the clips. The clip is actually two self-adhesive parts. On part is stuck to each CD, and they clip together when the case is closed.

3. At 60 degrees from the hinge in the other direction, apply the other clip. (Two clips are needed to prevent the CD inside from slipping out).

4. Unclip the clips and open the case. Stick your new CD in, close it and snap the clips back together to hold it shut. Your CD is held securely between two other CDs, protected against breakage and scratchage.

AO, Jun 30 2003

A company that sends useless CDs for free: http://www.aol.com/
[Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       I love it!
If this stays together in shipping, you can address, stamp and mail the CD in the "case" with no other packaging.
Amos Kito, Jun 30 2003

       Sounds pretty nifty to me
nuclearfarts, Jun 30 2003


       I had this same idea about two weeks ago.   

       Time to race you to the patent office! :)   

rapid transit, Jun 30 2003

       Damn. Someone made the AOL point before me :(
kaz, Jun 30 2003


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