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Robotic Jewelry

Not toys but elegance
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Gold flower petals
With many a jem
Which turn toward a light source
To display all of them

A broach that responds
To verbal commands
Display time: Make (x) pattern
Aren't unusual demands
The legs of the broach
Will twist and contort
'Till it spells out the thing
It was asked to report

Or "Good evening madam,
It's not hard to see,
Your pendant, its colo(u)r's
A favorite with me."

"Well sir, let me tell you
A matter of truth
It displays your favorite hue
It's enabled with bluetooth."

"Of course, oh how silly,
It's from my PDA
All of that info
I left out for display."
sartep, Apr 15 2004


       It's harder to rhyme with, but yeah.   

       Or it could randomize until it sees the irises of the viewer widen, like the evolving art somewhere else on the halfbakery did.
jutta, Apr 15 2004

sartep, Apr 15 2004


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