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Secret Geek Code Jewelry

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The Geek Code has slowly evolved into a means of personal communication among an otherwise communicatively challenged segment of the populace. However, left stranded without a digital means of sharing it with his peers, the codee may have to resort to attempts at verbal communication, which as every Geek knows, is terribly unreliable and subject to bugs.

To remedy, I propose the creation of Geek Code Jewelry to discreetly flaunt your Geek achievements to the underground Geek culture. To the untrained eye, the jewelry would pass as your average ring, necklace, earring, tongue ring, nose-chain, etc. But to the Geeks, they would indicate prominently your wisdom of all things Geek.

Some precaution might be in order to discourage the increase in Geek rivalry and Geek gang warfare as secret Geek societies develop around mild differences in jewelry wearing.

RayfordSteele, Jun 11 2002

(?) Geek Gang Warfare http://www.theonion...chive_kornfeld.html
With tha H-Dog. Contains swears. [calum, Jun 11 2002]

(?) Inspired by... http://www.halfbake...g_20and_20everyone_
[RayfordSteele, Oct 21 2004]

solardigital's link as a link http://www.zellestyle.com/
[jutta, Jul 21 2005]

Geek Awareness Bracelet http://www.thinkgee...parel/jewelry/73fe/
[jaksplat, Jul 22 2005]


       The alliteration here put me in a Seussian mood:   

       Greek Geek Gang Gems
Speak Weak Geek'dom's

       I can bake a quick trick Greek 'Ode
You can bake a quick trick Geek Code

       Old trolls smite soul
stole whole site goal

       Here's an easy thing to say, Here's an easy game to play,   

       If a baker in a battle bones a bloody bodgey 'bot
Based on bogus bits of balogna bio'ed bantam bluetooth rot,
Then a brilliant brawny brain he bears behind the (eye)balls he's got.

       But if he biases his being building bawdy boyish biddings
Or he browbeats banal broodings bluntly bordering the forbiddin,'
Then we call that a bumptious brainless bumbling banal boisterous boor who's got to be kidding.

       Six sick thick trolls
click trick pic. holes
RayfordSteele, Jun 11 2002

       Bracelets for those involved in the aforementioned "Geek gang warfare"...Gang Bangles?
half, Jun 11 2002

       I think I rather like the Geek Gang Warfare concept more than the original idea...
RayfordSteele, Jun 11 2002

       From the woods came the squeak from a geek,
With a gold ring pierced through one cheek.
For a leak and a poop,
He'd gone down in a stoop,
And got snagged on a teak for a week.
FarmerJohn, Jun 11 2002

       //Geek Gang Warfare//
"Look out! He's got a slide rule!"
Quick, stab him with your compass!
*Stab* "Oh No, not the pencil end! I might get lead poisoning!"
thumbwax, Jun 11 2002

       The electronics geeks at school used to put crocodile clips on their lapels instead of badges. Secretarial Studies kids put paperclips on theirs - the bigger the better. I suppose adults could do it with alternatives to furry dice hanging from your rearview mirror. Arty types could hang discarded violin tailpieces. My house is littered with CD-r coasters protecting the tables.
sappho, Jun 11 2002

       PDA's. Cellphones. Laptops. Handsfree kits. VR goggles. Calculator Wristwatches. Leatherman multitools on your pants belt. Swiss army knives.   

       It's been done, man, it's been done ....   

       Eighth of Seven
8th of 7, Jun 11 2002

       Non-digital, dude, for when you're caught without that stuff. Besides, not all geeks are that wired.
RayfordSteele, Jun 11 2002

       Anyone observant enough when they meet me might note that I always have two technical pencils and a black pen in the right pocket of my trousers and a sketch book in my bag, does this identify me as an artist?
kaz, Jun 27 2002

       Only if you empty your pockets and bag onto the table.
angel, Jun 28 2002

       *ahem* may I direct your attention to this website: http://www.zellestyle.com. GeekCode exchange, indeed. Thinkgeek.com has the Cat5 bracelet up now, as well.
sortadigital, Feb 02 2004

       I kinda like that scrolling LED badge.
RayfordSteele, Feb 02 2004

       Of course, they could never give this stuff as presents, because everyone would be wary of geeks bearing gifts. (Incidentally, never accept graphical porn attachments from nerds - beware geeks baring gifs)
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 22 2005


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