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Second Hand Sex Toy Market

(S)he-bay, Oh-My-zone...
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Been seeing ads for sex toys and condoms on late-night TV in the UK... In between We'll buy your old mobile phone and car ads... So I wondered why not Sex Toy Second "hand" market?
Dub, Aug 01 2020

Mashable.com article "How to clean sex toys" https://mashable.co...to-clean-sex-toys/?
[Dub, Aug 01 2020]


       That would be a useful thing, not so much as an online market but as an actual powerful centralized receiver and processor of physical things. (Which lowers your profit margin, but eh.)   

       The stigma associated with sex makes sellers and buyers on regular markets -- if the markets allow trading in the first place -- vulnerable to scammers and impersonation by scammers. By placing a physical cleaning, disinfection, and testing service in the middle, you'd allow sellers to stay anonymous, you'd give buyers someone to trust, and you'd create some of the world's more interesting quality assurance jobs.
ping, Aug 02 2020

       I came to say one thing & one thing only.   

Skewed, Aug 02 2020

       Go to bed, Dub. Go to bed. Before I have to say "Ewwwwwww", a lot.
blissmiss, Aug 02 2020

       'Used by Madonna' is the only way Vanilla Ice could sell himself
4and20, Aug 02 2020


       Bun anyway
nomocrow, Aug 05 2020

       You should take back that bun, it's in really bad taste. Oh that's right, that's right. Okay bun
blissmiss, Aug 05 2020


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