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Secret exhaust valve

Small latch opens a gate just after the Cat-Converter
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A small lever possibly next to the parking brake is installed.

Connected to a door that opens or slides just after your catalytic converter and passing your muffler completely. (you'd have to cut a precise cut btw)

Thus at the pull of a lever. instant extra horse power by eliminating the backpressure created by your muffler. You could use it in traffic or for racing. Its cheaper then a performance exhaust... which btw STILL creates back pressure robbing you of precious ponies.

When the cops get close to 'zero'ing in on that Illegal-noisy car. you close the valve and you'd have the muffler back at work again.

I have no idea of the gains. But i'm 1/4 baked on this idea as i'm already in search of a decent plasma cutter.

MadeInCA, Oct 30 2006

Just buy one http://www.jcwhitne...1+600012733/c-10101
No plasma cutter required. [Shz, Oct 30 2006]

JC Whitney http://www.jcwhitne...&sku=exhaust+cutout
Used to be just the one cast iron thingy, now... [elhigh, Oct 31 2006]


       You would only get an increase in HP if the engine was also tuned to allow this. On many vehicles you may find you actually LOSE hp as some engines are set up to require backpressure.
webfishrune, Oct 30 2006

       Only real gains would come if cuttout was before the Cat as it is the major source of backpressure in most systems.
jhomrighaus, Oct 30 2006

       Fishbone for a nuisance.   

       Enough sound pollution from traffic as it is.
jmvw, Oct 30 2006

       //I have a lot of respect for the police dept., but the cops around here are just plain assholes//   

       That's a paradox!
webfishrune, Oct 30 2006

       Can we not just reduce that to "cops are arseholes", please, go on ;-)   

       Seriously, I know what you are saying. Cops are neccasary evil within society. In the main nobody ever actually likes them, but we need them and we are glad we have them when they catch a murderer or rapist or the like.
webfishrune, Oct 30 2006

       Good idea, but it's baked. I saw it about two years ago on a cable television program called "TRUCKS", They installed two of them onto a truck they where building that had dual exhaust pipes.   

       You can order them like the link [Shz] posted says.
BJS, Oct 30 2006

       Baked and old. I remember reading about lever-activated "muffler cutouts" in several books from the 1940's. They seemed to take the things for granted. (I've never seen one in real life.)
baconbrain, Oct 31 2006

       Heh. And I thought this was another way to 'vent bio-gas'.   

       Seems a little odd to me, might as well buy a nitrous system if you really need a speed-boost.
Raithah, Oct 31 2006

       Baked and not old: still available from the JC Whitney catalog and online, $39.99 +shipping. Also available with an electrical actuator for those of you who don't want to confuse the old-style control with your choke knob. :D [linky]
elhigh, Oct 31 2006

       Baked and old. I've seen someone building a Morgan three-wheeler with an original one of these fitted. Believe me, it wasn't shiny or new.
david_scothern, Nov 25 2006


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