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Speed control scheme/gadget

Speed control gadetry/scheme
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Bear with me on this one (my first post) I have a feeling that opinion may be split between car drivers and non car drivers but we'll work out a scheme for the rest of you later! :p

My idea consists of a GPS/camera/radar/ speed monitor (could be through GPS though inaccurate and problems with tunnels etc) which car drivers volunteer to have fitted to their car. The device would relay data about the car and driver to the authorities and could prove useful in other investigations as well as issuing a 'ticket' if the driver exceeds the speed limit.

The plan is to offer 'compenstation' of sorts to the driver of cars fitted with this through the camera and radar. This would do away with all those fixed cameras because, in theory, the road networks would constantly be scattered with discreet 'grass' cars, quietly earning compensation and obeying traffic laws all at the same time.

My hope would be that if two cars are about to pass each other the risk for either that they had one of these devices would be too great and both would conform.

People are always complaining about the 'nanny state' and the fact that cameras are there just to earn money... ...great! earn the drivers something! :)


Giles, Jan 22 2006

me in general http://www.wendes.co.uk
my homepage [Giles, Jan 22 2006]

E Tracking coming to a state near you http://news.com.com...1071_3-5980979.html
[Dumb But Tough, Jan 22 2006]


       Your first post, my first annotation. Great idea, in fact it (or something like it) will probably be implemented. The bad part is it will follow the standard lifecycle for this kind of technology: 1) rejected by most; 2) accepted by early adopters; 3) accepted by 'rebate seekers'; 4) accepted by most; 5)changed from a 'rebate' into a 'tax'; 6) changed from a 'tax' into 'mandatory', with people suffering fines and penalties if they try to drive without the things. It is *already* happening with seatbelts.
drefty, Jan 22 2006

       Speed doesnt kill. It's the rapid stopping that kills
theircompetitor, Jan 22 2006

       //It's the rapid stopping that kills// Or the rapid speeding up, if the object struck was stationary beforehand.

//which car drivers volunteer to have fitted to their car// Oopsie -that's a bit of a "Let's all" magnet there, [giles].

BTW, I really used to like your cartoons in the Sunday Express.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jan 22 2006

       [admin: A better place for information on you "in general" is your profile page - click on "Account: Edit" towards the end of the menu on the right.]   

       So, half of this seems to be a suggestion to pay people to give up their privacy and obey traffic laws. But there's some other part that refers to monitoring others, and I don't understand how that's supposed to work. An equipped car somehow automatically monitors those around it?
jutta, Jan 22 2006

       Here in the States we have a DMV (Dept. of Motor Vehicle) inspection which every year, or 2 depending on what amount you pay, your vehicle has to go through an inspection. Post 1994 and newer cars go through an OBD2 test, which can be set to tattle on your vehicle if it has been tampered with all the way down to the improper tire pressure in a certain tire if your vehicle has tire pressure sensors. Now (as per my link) the states are proposing "E tracking" which is another step, as Jutta has already posted, giving up a little too much privacy.
Dumb But Tough, Jan 22 2006

       Now thinking about it for a minute, it would be good have a digital telemetry recorder installed, which loops every 60 seconds so, if there was an accident or major mishap, the data just a few seconds before the offense/mishap could be recorded and used to judge fault. SO I remove my "-" and give you a "+" with a little refinement this could actually work perfectly!
Dumb But Tough, Jan 22 2006

       I gotta take the vote against this idea. I am someone who obeys the law 99% of the time, however, as laws change and the interpretation of the laws change I would hate for every moment of my driving to be documented at the risk that some government agency can review my history 18 months from now and determine that I had broken the law. As far as I am concerned, if the cop didn't see it, I didn't do it.
Jscotty, Jan 22 2006

       I think it would be interesting to see a profile of various drivers, and to see if there are any characteristics that show a higher risk of accidents (apart from just speed).
Ling, Jan 23 2006


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