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Seoul Nearest Available Shelter App

Track GPS coordinates and direct people to shelters with them
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This smart phone app would use the user's GPS coordinates to determine the nearest subway/public bomb shelter. It would coordinate with a cloud based program to assign users to shelters such that leaving X%* spare capacity in each shelter, each user is directed to the nearest shelter. Upon request it would display to the user the "assigned" shelter so the user has a high chance of reaching a shelter with room for him/her in the shortest possible amount of time.

Obviously some tweaking would be needed to maximize utility in the beginning when there are few users.

*Where x is the approximate percentage of non- users in the area

Voice, Apr 10 2013


       I just got back from Korea on Sunday night. While I wasn't overly concerned at the time, I might have surreptitiously downloaded this app.
AusCan531, Apr 10 2013

       It would be a good app for a real emergency, but not for right now in Korea. This is just another chapter in the farcical BS competition north of the border.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 10 2013

       I agree [nmr], but when you're actually there....
AusCan531, Apr 10 2013

       I was there 2002-2003. the only time I got worried was when some US army guys managed to flatten two schoolgirls into the road with an APC. Not a good time to be a Caucasian.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 10 2013

       What's the fastest growing branch of Xianity in SK? Round those fuckers up here and end the war. They're Nazis.
rcarty, Apr 10 2013

       No, the Nazis were those guys in Germany during the war, and their followers.   

       Christians are a different part of the Venn diagram of humanity.   

       Glad I could help.
RayfordSteele, Apr 10 2013

       //Nazis were those guys in Germany during the war, and their followers. Christians are a different part of the Venn diagram of humanity.   

       Not wishing to point score but I believe there may have been some overlap in that diagram. But, of course this is now, and that was Venn.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 13 2013

       Of course. Venn diagrams that don't overlap are just... um... ovals.
RayfordSteele, Apr 15 2013


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