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Sing for Safety

Aeroplane Safety Sing-Along
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"Please pay attention to the safety demonstration, even if you are a frequent flyer" - How many times did you hear this and continue to read your book, chat to your neighbour or enter a trance-like state?

The sing along safety demonstration would involve signing lyrics that would be published in the in-flight magazine. At the start of each flight, the whole plane would join in musical harmony whilst learning about what to do if the cabin loses pressure or if the plane lands on water.

By getting everyone involved, this will encourage retention, generate a little fun and therefore make everyone feel relaxed, safe and welcome.

It's okay if you don't want to join in, but the cabin crew will be checking through the cabin and people who do not want to participate can simply put money in a charity box or do a dance.

A certain amount of air miles will allow frequent flyers to either solo or select a soloist.

wowbagger, Nov 29 2012

Song and Dance http://www.telegrap...-will-take-off.html
Cebu Pacific Airlines [csea, Nov 29 2012]

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       Pay attention to getting the words right, or the FA's will know you normally fly that *other* airline.
lurch, Nov 29 2012

       So, kind of like the 7th inning stretch? I'm always amazed by how much participation that gets.   

       Have hand motions and activities to go along with it, for example have everyone buckles, unbuckles, and rebuckles themselves in unison making nice clicking noises at one point in the music.   

       It would be best to have one song for all the airlines so people would memorize it, but unfortunately there would have to be variations for seat cusion vs. life vest flotation, and possibly other safety feature variations.
scad mientist, Nov 29 2012

       I fly quite often..... and I can imagine this becoming very irritating.
xenzag, Nov 29 2012

       Sure, might as well do the *wave* throughout the plane, too. Starting at seat A1...
xandram, Nov 29 2012

       For a while, and for a particular airline, I could already recite the lecture along with the recording.   

       The reason that frequent fliers ignore the lecture is that, other than a very few specifics (exits and vests or no vests), nothing changes (even planes with vests typically have seat cushion flotation as well). Since I can get both of those items, and the presence and position of emergency medical supplies I know how to use (not generally included in the lecture) from looking around while boarding, what the heck is the advantage of forcing me to pay attention to the lecture?
MechE, Nov 29 2012

       [xenzag] & [MechE] I too fly a lot, currently once a week at least & all the safety bit bores me already. But yes, I concede that it could become tedious. A small modification could be to change the tune or lyrics often.
wowbagger, Nov 29 2012

       // "Please pay attention to the safety demonstration, even if you are a frequent flyer" - How many times did you hear this and continue to read your book, chat to your neighbour or enter a trance-like state? //   

       Every time, because it always starts about five minutes after I've reviewed the Emergency Procedure card. In the event of an emergency, people who are so ignorant to have not done so are shark bait as far as I'm concerned.   

       <De Niro>   

       "I never walk into a place that I don't know how to walk out of."   

       </De Niro>
Alterother, Nov 29 2012


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