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Still going strong!

(for any newbies, this isn't an idea to vote on)
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I know it's technically a day early, but I won't have internet access tomorrow. It's my 3-year anniversary, and I'm happy to see the 'Bakery going as strong as it was the day I found it! This is a marked improvement over many other sites I've frequented over the years, only to return after a lengthy absence and find them gone. I haven't been around as often as I used to, due to many reasons beyond my control. But I still pop in as frequently as I can, and always will continue to do so. Together, we can keep this wonderful site going strong for all time! LONG LIVE THE HALFBAKERY!!!
21 Quest, Jan 11 2009


       Hmm. It's about 7.5 years for me, though I took a year or two's hiatus somewhere in the middle. I do wonder how some of the old timers who don't come around any more are faring.
phoenix, Jan 11 2009

       I expect there's some kind of rehab group on Yahoo or something. It's been about five or six years for me, though i use a different name now.
nineteenthly, Jan 12 2009

       Yikes - what happened to the last four years? - wakens up slumped over a keyboard.
xenzag, Jan 12 2009

       Yesterday was 4 years for me. I'm not here as much anymore, but it's still good to pop by once in a while.
hidden truths, Jan 12 2009

       I voted on this, just to annoy you. :-)
Now you young whippersnappers go on and play.
jutta, Jan 12 2009

       //3-year anniversary// - sweet!
hippo, Jan 12 2009

       Glad to read you are still going strong, 21, and popin as frequently as you can. I attribute this success to your regimen of flaxseed.
bungston, Jan 12 2009

       Happy Halfaverrsary!
I just had my 3 years past Nov.
xandram, Jan 12 2009


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