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Thanks again...

For another exciting year at Jutta's playground!
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I've been here exactly four wonderful years today, and would like to buy a round for everyone at the CyberPub. Cheers!
21 Quest, Jan 12 2010

we're open! http://media-cdn.tr.../le-baker-s-pub.jpg
[xandram, Jan 12 2010]

We're Unpronounceable! http://www.youtube....Enw&feature=related
[wagster, Jan 12 2010]

Virtual Pub http://www.halfbake...ger_20Virtual_20Pub
[hippo, Jan 13 2010]

The CyberPub http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/CyberPub
[21 Quest, Jan 13 2010]


       It is possible, at your Internet Bar. I'll have a mojito thanks, heavy on the rum, heavy on the mint, easy on the lime.

       Happy birthday pal.
theleopard, Jan 12 2010

       Happy half-birthday. Time flies when your having fun. I'll have one of the beers from the very back of your refrigerator, those ones you forgot you had because they taste weird.
normzone, Jan 12 2010

       Hey, that's right! I forgot the CyberPub... let's get this thing started. Lemme see, that's one mojito, one weird tasting beer, and I'm having a redlight runner.
21 Quest, Jan 12 2010

       Happy Halfavvirsary! vodka and fizzy water for me, please!
xandram, Jan 12 2010

       <raises glass> To the next four!
zeno, Jan 12 2010


       (I'll have a Bruichladdich - and get one for yourself too!)
Jinbish, Jan 12 2010

       may I have a V & T? ta.
po, Jan 12 2010

       I'll have half a glass of Half 'n Half, in my two coffee cups, por favor.

blissmiss, Jan 12 2010

       Baked. I've had one of these on my iphone for a while now. [-]
daseva, Jan 12 2010

       "I'll have one of those Czechoslovakian beers, get me a Zcks... a Zsuuck... a Zsuzsk... "

       "No, no, its: Zzzju... Zzzjaa... Wzzju... forget it, I'll have a Polish beer, yeah? Gimme a Kawckk... a Kowokk..."

       "Hey! Gimme one of them Canadian beers, I'll have a Hubble, a Haballlulll... a Hullla...."

wagster, Jan 12 2010

       Congradulations on four years; your contributions have been greatly appreciated.

       And I'd like to join you in thanking [jutta] for making such a wonderful, welcoming, fascinating site.
gisho, Jan 12 2010

       // a round for everyone at the CyberPub//


       50% of many happy returns, [21]. Mine's half a pint of IPA please - cold, bitter and full of hops, like a rabbit sociopath but more refreshing - thank you. Respect to the landlady as ever.
pertinax, Jan 13 2010

       Happy birthday!
hippo, Jan 13 2010

       I'll vote for that.
nineteenthly, Jan 13 2010

       And many more ! < knocks back a shot of Jagermeister from the freezer > And here's to our jolly Bakesperson, too ! < has another one >
batou, Jan 13 2010

       Here's to more ideas! Beam and coke please!
I'mGoingtoMarryJackWhite, Jan 13 2010

       Here's to more than 4

       Can I try a Hulk with absinthe?
reensure, Jan 14 2010

AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jan 14 2010

       I don't hang around here enough anymore, but if I qualify, a G&T, please.
dbmag9, Jan 14 2010

       + Adding bunnage to your lost votes!
xandram, Jan 26 2015

       Hey 21Q - glad to see you're still around after what my calculations suggest is a very solid 9-years - here's to another 9 years on!
zen_tom, Jan 26 2015

       Thanks... I'm not going anywhere.
21 Quest, Jan 26 2015

       I wonder if [I'mGoingtoMarryJackWhite] ever actually married Jack White?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 26 2015


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