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Sun Tzu AI Oracle

AI powered divination app
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License GPT-3 AI to make an app which responds to open-ended questions by using the basic text from "The Art of War". Actual GPT-3 responses follow:

How can we pivot our company's technology?

In warfare, a force of a hundred men or a thousand men is of no avail against a thousand scores of the enemy. Let your evolutions be crowned with success, avoid the direst misfortunes, and fight  not for insignificant stakes.

What should I do to prepare for my big date?

The general who advances without covetousness or fear, and draws ahead of his timbers and harness, may be likened to the north-wind, which, after it has swept the dust off the plain, leaves all things clean and auspicious.

borsumikko, Nov 09 2020


       Why bother to create an app ? Simply get a comfy chair*, sit down by the river bank, and wait for the body of your enemy to float by ...   

       *With or without soft cushions; some may have all the stuffing at one end ...
8th of 7, Nov 10 2020

       A Sun Tzu chat bot could be done but a deep learning algorithm representation would need a Biography of data taught from a dedicated researcher.
wjt, Nov 14 2020

       It would be very easy to create a Shih Tzu AI Oracle, which is where a small woolly dog stares at you until you give in and give it a biscuit.   

       In fact, this already exists.
8th of 7, Nov 14 2020

       You could turn up the volume and call it Lao Tzu.
pertinax, Nov 14 2020

       The Art of War - My alternative wisdom:
When stabbing your opponent with crayons, be sure to use yellow ones that melt at 90 degrees if you want to make the blood stains become orange.
xenzag, Nov 14 2020


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