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Swimming in Teflon

never have to dry off again!
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Fill a swimming pool with liquidfied teflon. (You know, that stuff that keeps your omlette from sticking to the pan. It can't be toxic if it comes in contact with an omlette.) That way, when you get out, you won't have to run for your towel, you won't need one! The water won't stick to you! I guess this wouldn't work if you're made of metal, though, you'd be screwed then. This could be applied to other products, too. Shower in teflon. Teflon could be added to toothpaste to prevent plaque from sticking. Maybe I should've titled this "Alternate applications for Teflon". Oh well.
entropyofdoom, Sep 04 2001

Oh, you mean like... http://www.halfbake...reestyle_20swimming
[lubbit, Sep 04 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Entropy ain't what it used to be.
The Military, Sep 04 2001

       if you don't want the water to stick to you, you could scotchguard yourself (and your elf ;o)).
mihali, Sep 04 2001

       Or coat yourself with a thick layer of butter first.
PotatoStew, Sep 04 2001

       I've always enjoyed buttering up before a good swim!
barnzenen, Sep 04 2001

       would a pool full of all those little plastic balls they pack things in be silly?????
po, Sep 04 2001

       Swim in mercury - that doesn't stick to you (Oh wait, someone's already suggested that elsewhere on the halfbakery).
hippo, Sep 05 2001

       I've seen websites that would be happy to sell you videos of it...Ew.
StarChaser, Sep 08 2001

       The oil-based solutions leave you oily, which is hardly better than being wet.   

       You could swim in a volatile liquid hydrocarbon like acetone or octane or ethanol; you'd still be "wet" when you left the pool, but it would evaporate within a minute or two.   

       This isn't likely to be healthy, though plenty of people might enjoy trying that last one.
egnor, Sep 09 2001

       what's wrong with being wet anyway? all you need is to dry yourself
dekoi, Sep 09 2001

       I like the butter idea, but I'm not so high on cholestorol in my pool filter. Perhaps a low-fat cooking spray might do the trick?   

       Would this decrease my 100m times?
RayfordSteele, Feb 13 2002

       seems like it would be hard to get boyency. you may just slip right thru to the bottom and drown. and dont try to dive in eather, it would be like diving into an empty pool.   

       now ice scateing on teflon, that i'd pay to see.
HalfwayHebrew, Jul 26 2003

       //liquidfied teflon//   

       It may look inviting to see a serene pool of liquid teflon and considering that it melts at 518º F you may never want to leave.
sartep, Jul 27 2003

       Put it this way [sartep], for those of us who lixe nice hot baths it would solve the problem of topping up with hot after half an hour!
gnomethang, Jul 27 2003

       Why not .5 or.3 micron sized teflon beads or "powder"? Aside from the fact you'd need goggles and a particle mask, powdered teflon could be warmed to your desired temperature. I imagine it as swimming in warmed corn starch.
Tiger Lily, Jul 27 2003

       This has real potential! You never have to use a condom again, never have to wash your hands again, never have to use toiletpaper again, it goes on and on.
zeno, Jan 12 2005


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